Gansu Provincial People's congress deputies came to our company to investigate

In November 14, 2016, the Gansu Provincial People's Congress Chairman Ma Jianhua, deputy director of the Tianshui people's Congress and Maiji District People's Congress song Jianping director Shi Shengli, Maiji District Deputy District grow Hongmei, Maiji District food and drug administration director Xu Feng a line leading to Ji Cheng biological pharmaceutical research limited. General manager Li Guoan and other senior leaders accompanied the visit.
Ma Jianhua, director and party leader, first came to visit the exhibition hall of biological pharmaceutical industry, and listened to the staff members carefully. During the visit, the leaders showed a strong interest in the company's products. They inquired about the role and sales of all kinds of products, and expressed their approval for the development of the company. Subsequently, Ma Jianhua, director of the line visited the company's 2# workshop freeze-dried powder injection production line, and production lines, large machinery showed a strong interest. General manager Li Guoan said that the future will improve the mechanization of drug outsourcing operations, from semi-automatic production lines to automatic production lines, reduce labor costs, and improve product production efficiency. Ma Jianhua, chairman and party leader, expressed his hope for the future development of the company and encouraged enterprises to speed up the pace of innovation.
Director Ma Jianhua a line of investigation after the end of the tour leader, to talk with the general manager Li Guoan cordial, he stressed the power of the better and faster development of enterprises is the innovation and the quality of the manufacturing enterprises, it is particularly important. General manager Li Guoan said that the biological pharmaceutical industry will strictly quality control, adhere to innovation, for the people to do medicine.


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