Environmental risk assessment and emergency plan management review board

    In December 19, 2016, the third floor conference room held by the Tianshui Environmental Protection Bureau, the District Environmental Protection Bureau relevant leaders, Lanzhou Zhuoyuan Management Consulting Co., Ltd., a leading group of experts and related leaders and committee members, to participate in the environmental risk assessment and emergency management review meeting.
    The meeting by the leaders in charge of Yang and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Director Zhang co chaired the meeting by the Lanzhou Zhuoyuan management consulting limited liability company introduced the production and operation of our company, focus on environmental safety risk assessment of environmental emergencies, emergency environmental emergency work carried out a detailed report. Through the EIA data and on-site investigation and evaluation, the evaluation team to the company's environmental work carried out to be affirmed. Finally, after the meeting of experts, our environmental risk assessment report and emergency response plan were successfully passed by 85 points.
    The environmental risk assessment to improve the company's environmental risk awareness, a good foundation for improving our environmental emergencies emergency management ability to lay, ensure rapid and effective in environment, environmental emergencies to carry out emergency and rescue operations, reduce the impact of environmental emergencies.


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