The Provincial Bureau of leadership to our company quality system assessment

    In December 13, 2016, the Gansu Provincial Commission deputy director Lou Donglan, Gansu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau deputy director Zhan Jiubin to Gansu Ji Cheng bio Pharmaceutical Co., assessment of the quality system, accompanied by the leadership of Tianshui Quality Supervision Bureau deputy director Jia Luguo. Gansu Cheng Shi Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Guoan, executive vice president Liu Jin, deputy director of production, Yang Qiang, quality director Shao, senior leaders accompanied by visits.
    Mr. Lou Chang and his party first visited the exhibition hall of the company. After visiting the exhibition hall, they affirmed the company's drug quality system and highly appraised the work of our company. General manager Li Guoan to Lou director of a line of leadership introduced the company's products, the leadership of my company's products have a strong interest. Lou long line leader also visited the company's factory district, and with the general manager Li Guoan cordial conversation, understanding of the company's operating conditions and future trends, and encourage the formation of bio pharmaceutical industry should be bold in innovation.
    After the inspection, Lou stressed that all should start from the quality, in strict accordance with the requirements of GMP, to ensure the quality of drugs. Quality is the life of drugs, and quality control will make the company better and faster.


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