Carry out campus recruitment and reserve the following strength for the company

    In order to Gansu into a long-term development strategy of Ji Biological Pharmaceutical Co., accurately grasp the strategic goal and human resource planning, in November 19th and November 24th, Ji Cheng Biological Pharmaceutical Company Limited respectively at the Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology and LanZhou JiaoTong University campus recruitment work. 
    The main purpose of Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology campus recruitment is to recruit and retain talent for the Xi'an research and development center. Xi'an R & D center manager and human resources recruitment specialist interviewed many candidates and took the first round of on-site control. The recruitment of candidates including professional scene of a galaxy of talents, art design, mechanical design and automation, bio pharmaceutical, mold design and manufacturing, as a secretary. Xi'an recruitment received a total of 138 resumes, and notify qualified personnel for the second interview.
    LanZhou JiaoTong University campus recruitment aims to reserve talent for the company, to fill the company brain drain. The human resources manager of the company conducts the first round of interviews with the candidates. Candidates include accounting, design, human resource management, mechanical automation, law, bioengineering and so on. Lanzhou recruitment received a total of 147 resumes, for the company's talent reserves are fully prepared.
    These two campus recruitment work, to prevent brain drain caused by the problem of post dislocation, for the company's talent pool to lay a good foundation. Campus recruitment not only creates the company's talent pool but also delivers new blood to the company.


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