Disposable Medical Mask

[Product name]Disposable Medical Mask
[Type size] Earloop mask, 175mmx95mm, Sterile
[Construction, Composition]This mask is constructed by three parts,the mask.body,nose clip and straps.The maskbody has three years ,which are thermally bonded by non-woven fabric and filtering material as the main raw material. The mask body is ftat.
[Product performance]This mask is Sterile[Usage scope]This mask is used to cover the user's mouth, noes,and chin,which shall be worn in a general medical environment (non-invastive procedures) to block the mouth and nasal cavity from exhaling or spraying pollutants like droplets, This mask is disposable.
[lnstructions for use]
1. Open the package,take the mask out, and make sure the mask is intact;
2. Put the mask on your face with the nose clipon upwards,ensure the white side of the mask touches your mouth.and adjust it to ensure comfort. Please do avold direct contact with the whte side of the mask.;
3. Gently pinch the nose clip to flt the shape of your nose. Keep pinching the nose clip,and at the same time adiust the lower end of the mask over your mouth and chin,to make sure it fits closely。
[Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings]
1. Please choose sterile or non-sterjle masks according to your use purpose;
2. This is a single-use mask,please do not reuse it;
3. Do not use it if the package or mask is damaged or broken;
4. People allergic to non-woven must use this mask cautiously;
5. Replace the mask if the respiratory restance is significantly enhanced(breathing is difficult),or the mask is contaminated(stained with foreign matters such as blood or dropletsI).
Store under dry,ventilated and corrosive gas-free condition,away from fre and flammables

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