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A nation is established because of its own talents, and a company is prosperous because of talents. Talents are the foundation of an enterprise to develop and the first productive force to promote the development of the enterprise. The company always adhere to the talent work purpose of respecting the value of people, exploring people's potentials and sublimating people's minds, attaches great importance to team construction, introduces talents through multiple channels, trains talents efficiently, promotes talents by offering spacious platform and provides a powerful guarantee for the enterprise in an invincible position in the fierce competition.

In terms of the introduction of talents, the group establishes a high standard and appropriate advanced talent introduction mechanism, opens up channels of social recruitment and campus recruitment, hire more capable staffs, strictly screens talents and finds talents in people. In this collective, ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become outstanding people, a steady stream of people here realize their own values and dreams of life.

In the training of talents, the group is committed to providing employees with a full range of training and development opportunities and creating a learning organization. At present, the group has formed training structure covering senior management, staffs and new staffs, built the five driven system of new employee training, professional training, title training, occupational qualification training and continuing education training, takes the cultural integration as the key, the planning and management as the core, improving the capability level of staffs as the foothold, cultivates groups of hard working, pioneering and enterprising people.

In the promotion of talents, the group's high-speed and diversified development provides a broad space for development and promotion platform for employees. The subjective initiative of the staffs has been given full play, the internal potential has been excavated to the maximum extent, and the group has formed a good incentive atmosphere.

The company adheres to the enterprise's purpose of honesty and fraternity, highly improves the working environment and welfare system, respects the staff's social value, improves their sense of belonging and cohesion for enterprises, and builds a good society contribution platform for the enterprises and the staffs by carrying out social charity activities while encouraging them to have a good occupation career planning.

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