To The Overwhelmed Mum.

To the overwhelmed Mum. To the Mum with one, two, three or maybe even more kids. To the one battling babyhood, the teenage years and every stage in-between. You were probably up late last night finishing the chores that you hadn't got done during the day. Then no sooner had your head hit the pillow you were rocking a baby back to sleep or comforting a toddler who had woken from a bad dream. You were woken this morning and hadn't even managed to open both eyes before being met with the demands of hungry offspring.

Take a moment and breath. Relax.

First things first. That washing pile. It will never be empty. You will never be caught up on all the washing. Sure you may see the bottom of basket once in a while. Enjoy those rare moments but don't fret when you have four loads waiting to be done. Whilst we're on the subject of washing. It doesn't matter if those clean, folded piles of clothes never make it back to the draws and sit on the counter just to be worn again and end up back in the same pile.

No one expects your house to be Instagram perfect, except you. You have children. With children comes chaos, mess, toys and smudges on the windows. One day you will clean a room and it will stay clean. That day isn't today or tomorrow. It's okay.

Don't rush about during nap time trying to get everything done. Yes you could do the dishes, fold the laundry and clean the bathroom but you could also eat some lunch, finish a drink whilst it's actually still hot and recharge yourself.

Take time for yourself. Even if it's a bubble bath at the end of a very long day. Those few moments of solitude will do you the world of good. Read a book before bed. If someone offers to watch the kids for an hour then say yes. We can't give to our families if we're always running on empty.

When the kids are screaming that they're bored. When the baby has colic or the toddler just threw his seventh tantrum of the day.. Bundle them up and walk it off. Fresh air for them and a moment of peace for you.

Connect with people. Go to the baby group. Chat to the Mum who's stood on her own on the school playground. Find your tribe. It's ok to admit that as much as we love spending our days with our children that we also crave adult interaction. There are only so may episodes of Peppa Pig that one Mum can take.

Don't forget who you are. Not who you are as someones Mum or someones Wife or someones Daughter. Remember who you are. Your dreams. Your passions. Don't forget the things that excite you and make you happy. It's so easy to loose yourself whilst being a parent. You give and give. You clean messes and kiss boo boo's. You feed babies in the middle of the night and sign permission slips whilst running out the door on a Monday morning. Being a Mum is beautiful but don't forget about you.

Never feel guilt for cuddling that baby or lying with them until they fall asleep. Never feel guilty for holding them during nap time or for choosing playing over chores. I guarantee you that they won't remember the time Mum left the dishes until the next day but they will remember the time Mum held a dance party in the kitchen to Little Mix and shook her best moves.

Never let anyone judge you for your choices. Breast or bottle. Cot or co-sleep. Pushchair or sling. Time out or redirection. Your choices are yours and you don't need to explain them. No one knows your children like you. The judgemental people will move on and find something else to be offended about.

Remember that today may be a bad day. You may be overwhelmed and no doubt exhausted. The good thing about bad days is that tomorrow is a blank slate. A brand new twenty four hours. You've got this.

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