The Sunday Currently.

Reading - I downloaded the Kindle reader on my phone a few days ago and have started reading The Woman At Number 24 by Juliet Ashton. So far I love it! I'm not a massive fan of books on Kindle but at night when I can't turn the light on because of Henry the kindle app is definitely the way to go. 

Watching - I'm letting the kids have a PJ & movie day today. So far we've watched Matilda (Emilie's favourite movie!) Kung Fu Panda 2 and we're now on Horrid Henry. After a crazy week a day inside snuggled up is very much called for. 

Trying - To get organised for school tomorrow & cook a roast dinner. It may be a lazy day today but the chores still call out! 

Cooking - A roast Chicken. I say cooking but I always cook my chickens in the slow cooker so I stick it in at 8am and leave it. If you've never cooked a chicken in a slow cooker I urge to to try it! The meat stays moist and cooks to perfection! 

Eating - Popcorn.. *No shame here* What's a movie without a big bowl of popcorn.... 

Going - Today absolutely nowhere.. Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind of school runs, shopping and all that good stuff. 

Feeling - Tired... It's been a week with very little sleep. Henry developed a high temperature on Thursday night. By Friday afternoon he was at the doctors and diagnosed with a bad case of tonsillitis. Poor kid has had one illness after another lately. He hasn't touched solid food since Wednesday and has become quite clingy. I'm hoping he starts feeling better soon. 

Listening - I haven't seen The Greatest Showman yet but I am loving the soundtrack. All 3 kids love music so they're is always something playing in the house. I'm starting to wonder how I survived before my Spotify account?! 

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