Spring Has Sprung!

The past two weeks have been a little rough around these parts. We started the Easter holidays well but then I was hit with an awful cold. It knocked me for six and the first two days. I laid on the sofa, whilst the kids destroyed the house around me and had far too much screen time. The most I managed to do was make it into the garden with them..

Ice poles and a trampoline. Two very little things but all three of them loved it. The weather has such an effect on me and a day of sunshine does amazing things to both my mood and motivation. It's been a very long winter if you ask me and right now I am loving the 20 plus degree weather we are having this week. It's just a shame that it couldn't have come during the school holidays. 

Yesterday I met my Mum, sister and nephew at a Country park with Henry. We walked the trails around the lake and then had a picnic in the kids play area. 

Turns out Henry is a bit of a wiz on the slide. He had no problem climbing to the top and sending himself flying down. His facial expressions were priceless. 

I had to cut the visit short when the school phoned me and told me Emilie wasn't very well but I'm definitely going to take all the kids back there one weekend soon :) Today though I am looking after a poorly girl and hoping to steal 5 minutes in the garden whilst the baby naps!  

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