Loving Lately....

We're on Easter break for 2 weeks now and I am loving the slower pace that it brings with it. No school uniforms to worry about or lunches to make at bedtime ready for the next day. Easier mornings and calmer days. Trying to occupy everyone with the pouring rain isn't one of my favourite things and I'm sure in about nine days I'll be itching to get back to routines and structure but for now I'll take everything that this break has to offer.. 

Loving lately... 

Watermelon is a favourite in our house right now. Finding something that all 3 kids love is no easy feat.

Fresh flowers.. It might still feel like winter outside so instead I'm bringing Spring inside. 

Capturing a photo where when I look back on it I can still hear the laughter.. 

Managing to get a photo of my camera shy boy definitely deserves to be celebrated.. 

Two days of the year they're allowed chocolate before breakfast. Christmas and Easter. They now think I'm the coolest Mum. 

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