Sunday Currently.

Reading - I've been really enjoying finding new blogs to read. I've realised that I'm gravitating towards smaller bloggers nowadays. They seem more authentic and engage more with their readers. 

Watching - I started rewatching the second series of Victoria last night. I've already watched the whole series but I adore the show! I love 'The Queen' too on Netflix and watched the second series of that in 4 days! 

Trying - To clean my house. With the kids home for 3 days though it's not going very well. I may just admit defeat and clean it tomorrow when the older two are back at school! 

Cooking - The kids have requested burgers for dinner. I really wanted to do a Sunday roast but I haven't got half of the ingredients in the house so that's a meal I'm going to make during the week. I actually prefer a roast on a Monday sometimes more than a Sunday. 

Eating - I just made a plate of ham sandwiches for lunch. Simple but delicious! 

Going - Not very far thanks to the Beast From The East. It's been a week of snow & freezing temperatures. We've actually gone above 0 degrees today so woohoo! I am so ready for Spring and the warmer weather. 

Loving - Henry is saying a few words now and it is the cutest! I opened the front door yesterday to show him the fresh layer of snow and he said 'oh dear'... It was on my Instagram stories and a few people agreed with him! 

Feeling - Overwhelmed with life lately! Too many things to do and not enough hours in my day. I've got a bit of cabin fever too with being in the house so much lately. Thankfully the snow seems to be melting now. Being able to get outside into the fresh air definitely helps when I have lots on my mind. 

Listening - I am currently obsessed with the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Freed. It's on repeat in the car and on Spotify on my computer. I'll play it to death for a few weeks and probably be sick of it come the middle of March! Please tell me that I am not the only person to do that with a great song or album... 

Hope everyone has a great upcoming week! 

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