Seventeen Months.

Seventeen months old. In some ways you seem so grown up. Already trying to assert your independence. You know exactly what you want and you are not afraid to show it. You try to put not only your own shoes on but everyone else's too. You shake your head back and forth when you don't want something and think nothing of screeching to get your own way.

In other ways though you still seem so much like a baby. You breastfeed like a newborn still & will only be rocked to sleep. You are a champion snuggler and it's only been the last week or so that you've started saying some words. My latest talker but each day now there are new words appearing.

Without a doubt your favourite thing to do is dance. It doesn't even have to be a song. A ringtone will do or an advert on the TV. Your hips sway from side to side and your hands wave in the air. Even when you're in your car seat you will try your hardest to dance. 

You are mostly so happy. Everyone comments on your smile and your cheerful temperament. When you're in a bad mood though the quickest way to snap you out of it is a bubble bath. I swear you were once a fish. You love water. Playing in it, bathing in it, swimming in it. 

Teething has knocked you quite a bit these past couple of months but you are now the proud owner of twelve teeth! For a while I thought we'd be stuck at six but then four more came along all at once. A fun few nights were had dealing with them! Then this past week two more popped through. You use to love brushing them but now you fight me tooth and nail.. (pun totally intended...) 

You adore your big brother. Already I can see the bond firmly forming between you two and it's amazing to watch. Even when you were tiny he could always get a smile from you and it's only grown from there. For someone that generally doesn't have a lot of patients James had endless amounts for you. 

This has always been my favourite age. Having one foot into toddlerhood and one foot still nestled in babyhood. Testing your limits and bit by bit showing more and more of your personality.  If I could freeze you at this age I probably would :) 

Happy seventeen months Henry! 

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