International Day Of Happiness.

Today is the International Day of Happiness. How awesome is that! It's so easy to forget sometimes that it really is the little things that matter so to celebrate I've sat down and made a list of some of the things that make me happy.

Fresh flowers. Big blankets. Rainbows. Baby snuggles. Dog walks. New mugs. Early nights. Late mornings. Disney movies. Having to read just one more page. New stationary. Elvis Presley. Daffodils/Lillies/Tuplips. Candy floss. Sleepy cuddles with the kids. Warm days. Hot buttered toast. Fresh hair cuts. Writing. 

Capturing a moment with a photo. Roast dinners. Picnics. Napping babies. Cupcakes. Making my kids laugh. Kitchen dance parties. A clean bathroom. Rainy afternoons with nowhere to go. Take-away coffee. Blue skies. Open windows. Fresh sheets. Christmas films. Memorising each of my children faces the night they were born. Days at the water park. Making lists.  The first cup of tea of the day. Family BBQ's. A clean car. That perfect spot of shade on a hot day. 

Finding the bottom of the laundry basket. Handmade treasures. Fortune cookies. Encouraging quotes. Discovering a new book to devour. Perfecting a new recipe. Showers instead of baths. Hanging new photos. Corn on the cob. The smell of freshly cut grass. Hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. Thunder storms. Saving all my children's birthday cards. Finding matching socks. 

The perfect card for the occasion. Candles. A pair of worn in jeans. Watching the kids gain confidence. Telling a joke but not being able to finish because I'm already laughing too hard. Black & white photos. Serendipity. 

Happy International Day of Happiness! 

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