What I Love About Winter.

Winter isn't my favourite season. Autumn wins that award, however Winter has it's own special qualities that make it magical in it's own right. On days like today though where it's been grey, cold and raining it's nice to be reminded of what those qualities are :)

Slower days & early evenings -
Everything seems to go at a slower pace around this time of year and I'm a massive fan of that after the craziness of Summer. It's darker earlier which makes it perfectly acceptable to get home from the school run and straight into your PJ's. Sunday PJ's days are also totally okay :)

Candles, blankets & everything cosy - 
I am a sucker for a great smelling candle & a fleecy blanket. When it's miserable outside then that just makes inside feel all that more cosy.

Layers upon layers -
Jeans, boots, jumpers, coats, scarves. I love layering so this time of year and my wardrobe mesh well together. You cannot beat a good chunky jumper.

This one doesn't really need any explaining. Who doesn't love a good snow day? Unfortunately we don't get much snow so when it does arrive it just makes it all that more special. I have been known to make the odd snow angel in my thirty something years..

Winter warming food -
I love my slow cooker. Popping in ingredients at breakfast time and having a fully cooked meal come 4pm is my kind of cooking. Stew & dumplings is the perfect meal for this time of year and a staple in my house :)

December! -
With Winter comes December, my favourite month out of the year. The lead up to Christmas is so much fun. Everyone seems happier, the kids are excited and it's acceptable for an adult (i.e. me) to embrace their inner child.

Wiping the slate clean -
The end of December marks the start of a new year. A blank page and a clean slate. New beginnings are good. Who knows what another year will hold, what changes will happen or where we'll be come the end of the next year.

I love that thought.

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