Living With A Bah Humbug.

"Don't be such a 'bah humbug'..

I'm pretty sure we've all either said this or heard someone say this before. The phrase, bah humbug, originally made famous by the fictional character Ebinizer Scrooge, is now often used to describe someone who doesn't like Christmas.

What do you do though when you live with a 'Bah Humbug?' 

That's right. My husband is a bah humbug. I love Christmas. I start playing Christmas music at the beginning of November. My tree is always up before the 1st of December and I spend weeks planning for the big day. I try to make it as magical as I can for the kids and probably go overboard just a little bit on my seasonal spirit.

Anthony.. He is 100% the other way. He humours me. He plays along for the kids sake. He probably wouldn't even noticed if I completely skipped December 25th and never mentioned Christmas.

I think it comes down to our childhoods. My Mum always went out her way to make sure that Christmas was a special day. No matter where we were or how little money she had, Christmas Day was always amazing. The presents would be piled under the tree. There would be a massive feast of Turkey, roast potatoes and all the trimmings. We would spend all day playing with our new toys or outside riding new bikes or whatever we had asked Santa for that year.

Anthony didn't have that. To this day his Dad still doesn't really celebrate Christmas. It's rare that you find a tree decorated in his house.

So completely opposite Christmases as children and we've both carried them through to our adult lives.

Like I said he humours me but we've hit road blocks along the way. I am all for letting the children believe in Santa. There's something magical and so innocent about them believing that a jolly old man delivers thousands of presents to children all over the world in one night. Anthony believes that it is lying to them and that when they are old enough and discover the truth that they'll be upset with us.
Emilie still believes in Santa. Henry is too young to care at the moment but James is now at the age where he's questioning it and to be honest I think he's cottoned on but doesn't want to say it out loud incase Santa doesn't bring him any presents on Christmas Eve! I believe that just like I did, they'll just grow out of believing and it won't be some great big shock to them.
So in our house Santa delivers the presents but they're from Mummy & Daddy. Win win..

So we compromise. I won't be forcing him to watch any Christmas movies but he won't be refusing to have the Christmas tree up during the last week of November. He'll go along with leaving Mince Pie's out on Christmas Eve but he gets to eat them :)

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