Introducing Nala

Two weeks ago we welcomed the newest member to our household! A gorgeous 13 week old Chihuahua named Nala and I figured it was about time that I introduced her here!

Being in the world of puppyhood again is like having a newborn baby. She likes to chew most things including your toes & any fingers that you dare to put near her mouth. She's already learnt how to jump onto the sofa and incessantly barks if you even think about closing the back door whilst she is outside. 

She is already Dinky's best friend though. He's two years old and is a nervous little thing so I was hoping that Nala would bring him out of his shell a little and she's definitely done that. He's so much more playful and they spend hours chasing each other around. It's a good thing that they're both small! I do sometimes feel like I have 5 children now rather than 3. Yesterday I called the dog 'Henry'.. The real Henry was fast asleep in bed.. Can I still blame baby brain even though he's 13 months old? 

She had her final vaccination last week. She weights 1.9kg and got a clean bill of health from the vet :)

A few people have told me that I must be crazy.. In for a penny in for a pound I say! 


  1. Yep... puppies plus babies = very hard work!

    1. They definitely do! How is your puppy now? I'm guessing not much of a puppy anymore! Ha :)


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