Etsy Christmas Fair!

A few years ago, whilst on maternity leave with her first baby, my younger sister taught herself to crochet. Fast forward four years and another new baby and Aimee is now the proud owner of her own little Etsy shop, Crafts by Blossom. I'm a little in awe if I'm honest. This girl can literally make anything with a ball of yarn and a crochet hook. She's started venturing into other crafts too which bit by bit are being added to her shop. I definitely think she took my share of the crafty gene!

Yesterday Aimee took part in her first Etsy fair and Emilie, Henry & I were eager to go along and show our support! Plus it's shopping.. At Christmas! 

Emilie made a beeline for this gorgeous Christmas hat and Snowman notelets whilst I was amazed by this washcloth. I had no idea that you could crochet a washcloth!

We found a little cake stall and once again I was in awe of peoples talents. These unicorn cupcakes were so beautiful! The snowman one was carrot cake which is my absolute favourite. I'm still having to eat dairy free because of Henry's allergies otherwise I would have been tucking into these. Instead Emilie & James ate them and declared them to be delicious. 

Another stall I fell in love with was Mia Felce. She was selling everything from notebooks to phone cases to A4 prints. I fell in love with this weekly blogging planner. I've been looking for one for months and am so happy that I've found one. 

I've been mooching on her Easy page and this stationary loving girl wants to put everything into my shopping basket! 

It was such a lovely way to spend a morning, especially as Emilie loved it so much. Apparently this event is going to be a yearly thing. A great way to kick off Christmas! 

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