December Goals.

December is officially here! Can you believe it? This is definitely my favourite month of the year, especially since having Children. James & Emilie dove into their advent calendars this morning excited about being allowed of eat chocolate just five minutes after opening their eyes and before their breakfast. 

Before we head into Decembers goals, it's only fair I bid farewell to November.. 

1// Cook more homemade dinners - Success! That's not to say that I haven't raided the freezer some evenings for a quick dinner but I have been making more meals from scratch. I replaced my slow cooker this month and am loving being able to pop a load of ingredients in before the school run and by 4.30pm dinner is done with me not having to lift a finger! I made steak tacos with it last night and the kids went mad for them.

2// Sort through the kids clothes -  This is still a work in progress but Emilie's room is finished. Seven bin bags I got out of just her room alone! 

3// Attend a fireworks display - This I didn't manage. The timings just didn't work for some of the displays and the one I really wanted to go to was basically a mud pit during to horrendous rain that day. Turns out it was probably a good idea not to go and the kids have been battling awful colds for pretty much the whole of November. 

4// Finish reading Like A Queen - Another one that is still in progress. I just need a couple more hours in my day! 

Okay, so December.... 

1// Finish Christmas shopping - A pretty obvious goal I guess since Christmas is this month. I've still got a few more little pressies for the kids to buy and then I need to do all the nieces & nephews. 

2// Organise school calendar - I seem to be the Mum that is remembering at the very last minute some event that is going on at school or that particular day James has to dress up as a world war evacuee! I need to organise all the school activities onto my calendar so I'm not trying to put a costume together with an hours notice! 

3// Compete Blogmas - I wrote about taking part in Blogmas here but the gist of it is, one post everyday for 25 days during December. Easy right? 

4// Christmas movie evening with the kids - Christmas movies, PJ"s, hot chocolate, popcorn, blankets.. I feel all hygge just thinking about it! 

What are you goals for December?

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