Reading - Lots of Blogmas related posts which I am loving. Unfortunately there's not much time for reading books at the minute due to the fact that it's December, the kids schedules are crazy at the moment and I'm desperately trying to finish getting ready for Christmas. 

Watching - The kids have just gone to bed so I'm watching Friends. I never tire of this show. It's something that I can watch and not have to use any brain power, which is exactly what I need at this time of night! 

Trying - I've spent all day trying to clean my house. Not that you would know it to look at it. It's been one of those days that as I've cleaned a room the kids have been destroying another. I feel like I've been walking in circles all day. 

Cooking - Chicken pie was on the menu today. Emilie actually asked for seconds which never happens! 

Eating - I may or may not have eaten nearly a whole bag of Jelly babies today. It's been one of those days! 

Going - We woke up to heavy snow this morning so we only made it as far as the shop a few minutes away. Having only passed my driving test back in July I didn't think I was brave enough to try driving in it. One day stuck in the house and I already have cabin fever ha! 

Loving - Henry's face when he saw the snow this morning. He was like "WTF is this!" Emilie and James were out in it as soon as they were dressed. James only went out the once but Emilie was in and out all day. She loved it! 

Feeling - Very tired! Henry isn't sleeping well at the minute plus I always feel more tired after a day at home than when I've been running here there and everywhere. Anyone else like that or just me?

Hoping - That when I wake up tomorrow the snow has magically disappeared. As pretty as it is, I need to go food shopping! The school still hasn't decided if it's opening tomorrow so either way I'm going to have to pull on my big girl pants and learn to drive in bad weather!

Listening - Apart from the TV there is silence. It's very welcomed. 

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