Christmas Questions With Emilie!

I came across some children's interview questions about Christmas and I thought it would be fun to try them with Emilie. My favourite thing about Christmas now is seeing it through the kids eyes. They really believe that there is magic and wonder in the world and we definitely need some of that after this year! 

1// How many reindeer does Father Christmas have?
10... Well I think so.

2// What would you really like for Christmas?
Umm. A doll and a book. Also a boom box. It's a really loud thing for when I live in my own house.

3// How does Father Christmas fit down the chimney?
I don't know. I think he squashes his tummy to the side.

4// How does he deliver the presents if you don't have a chimney?
He just goes through the door.

5// What does Father Christmas do for the rest of the year?
He stays at home and eats pies.

6// What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
That you get lots of presents.

7// What treats do the reindeers like?
Carrots.. *laughs* How do I know everything?

8// What is Father Christmas' favourite thing to eat?

9// Have you ever seen Father Christmas?
Yes. Remember in the old house and he came down the street after our bath. He let us sit in his sleigh?

10// How old is Father Christmas?
20 years old.

11// Why do people put trees up inside at Christmas time?
So that they can get presents.

12//When should you put up your Christmas decorations?
When you've brought your tree. Maybe the 18th of November?

13//Which is your favourite reindeer?
The one with the sparkly red nose. Rudolf! I love him so much.

So there is a 4 years old take on Christmas. Apparently it's all about the presents and Father Christmas loves a pie.. Oh and he's ridiculously young!

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