November Goals.

November. The month where everyone starts playing Christmas music and Costa roll out their seasonal cups. The fact that Christmas is just several weeks away terrifies both me and my bank balance. 

A new month means some new goals. I've been a bit lax in posting my monthly goals lately but I like the ritual of doing it and the fact that it holds me more accountable for them. 

1//  Cook more 'homemade' dinners.  It's so easy when rushing into the house from the school run with hungry kids and a screaming one year old just to throw something from the freezer into the oven. This evening though I made a homemade pie. It tasted amazing and didn't take that much longer to prepare & cook. I love soups & casseroles this time of year so I need to add them onto my menu. 

2// Sort through all the kids clothes. There is so much in their drawers that they've outgrown but it's a job that I've been putting off for weeks but needs to be done.. *sigh*

3// Attend a fireworks display. I've only been to one in the past 7 years. The kids have always been too young and have never coped well with their bedtime being messed with. Now they're a little older I think it's time. The baby is so laid back that I don't think he'll even notice that his bedtime will have been moved!

4// Finish reading Like A Queen by Constance Hall. I started it a few days ago. So far it has made me laugh & cry in equal measure. Lately it's been hard finding the time to fit reading in but this is a book that I need to finish.

November... Let's do this..

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