To do two things at once, is to do neither...

I feel like I need an extra pair of hands and about five more hours in my day at the moment. We're on the home stretch of the Summer holidays, the kids are starting to miss their routines and I feel like my head is spinning.

I have this antsy feeling. It's not a new feeling to me and it's something that seems to appear every few months or so. It's as if all of a sudden I want to do everything. I want to knit, decorate the house, read five new books, organise every bit paperwork from the past ten years, cook batches of food, find a new hobby, learn a new language, write a book.. I feel like I want to do everything right there and then..

All that happens is that I end up feeling overwhelmed and defeated. So I end up not doing anything that I love. I stop reading. I stop writing. I stop carving out time for 'self care' all because I tell myself that I don't have the time. Which in turn all this does is makes me moody and snappy, which is no fun for me or the kids. I'm a much better Mum (& person) when I take the time to write that blog post or when I spend an evening after they're in bed curled up with my nose in a book.

What I actually need to learn to do is focus on one thing at a time. I would love to be superwoman, looking after the house and the kids all the while filling any spare time (Ha! What Mum has spare time?!) with one of my many interests. It can't be done though and that's what I have to tell myself each time this antsy feeling rears it's head.

It's funny but I always get this way around my birthday. It's as if my mind goes, 'Right, you're another year older. What have you done with your life! What did you accomplish this past year?' This year appears to be no exception. I just turned 32 and I keeping asking myself these questions. Each year seems to fly by quicker than the last year. I mean, we're at the end of August already! It's never lost on me how fleeting time can be and how we never know what is around the corner.

So maybe I'm not going to knit a blanket, decorate the house, read all those books, get all my paperwork in order, cook up several home cooked meals in one day, learn how to speak fluent Portuguese, or write a book all at once. (Let's be honest.. I'm never going to organise all that paperwork...) But I can do one thing at a time and tell that overwhelmed feeling to go take a hike....

To do two things at once, is to do neither - Publilius Syrus

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