Reading... I was at my Nan's house last week so I raided her book collection. I admit to being a bit of a book snob. Everything from the title to the book cover has to catch my attention for me to want to read it. I ended up borrowing Now The War Is Over by Annie Murray. I started it during Henry's nap yesterday and I am totally hooked.

Watching... I've just binge watched Call The Midwife on Netflix. I can't believe I've never watched it before, especially after hearing all the hype for the past few years. I'm all caught up to series 5 and want more!

Listening... I downloaded Spotify last week and have been busy downloading albums. I've got a total mixture going on in my playlists. Everything from Whitney Houston to John Mayer. The kids may be getting slightly annoyed with my car performances....

Cooking... A roast dinner last night and tonight it's Chinese pork chops. I go through total love/hate periods with cooking. At the moment we're in a love stage.

Planning... Back to school lists.. I picked up most of Emilie's school stuff today. She now just needs shoes. I  can't believe she is starting school so soon. It's going to be so strange just having the baby home with me during the day. Not that he doesn't keep me busy enough...

Wearing... Jeans.. Is there anything else that Mum's wear? The weather isn't great today so I'm also rocking out a hoodie. What has happened to the weather this Summer? Did Mother Nature not get the memo?

Enjoying... The freedom of now being able to drive. I love being able to go where ever I want. Lazy days with the kids. Early morning snuggles with the baby.

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