Baby Led Weaning!

Truth be told, when Henry reached six months and was old enough to start trying solid food I was a little hesitant. I wanted so badly for breastfeeding to work this time around so I was (and still am,) thrilled that he is a boob monster! I'm so proud that we've both mastered the art of something that actually doesn't come as naturally as we're sometimes led to believe. 

So when the six month milestone rolled around, off course I was happy for the next stage but part of me was sad that already that first stage was over. I know he still needs mostly milk and "food before one is just for fun" but for a few days I was terrified that he'd try food and not want milk anymore. Silly, I know but I'm going to blame the hormones for that one. 

Both James & Emilie started solids before 6 months. James because of his reflux (around 4 and half months) & Emilie around 5 months, so I wasn't sure if Henry would actually wait until 6 months. It turns out he probably would have went longer. He didn't seemed fussed by it. The first two days I tried him with home made pureed vegetables.. He cried. He spat it out. He wanted no part in it. 

I gave him a break for a couple of days and then decided to try baby led weaning. Turns out he loves holding the food and feeding himself. We're going slowly and we haven't really got a routine to it. Some days he'll try lunch. Other days it's dinner or occasionally it's breakfast. If we're eating something that he can have and it doesn't contain dairy then I'll pop some on his high chair. His favourite at the moment seems to be Jam on toast. 

I have resorted to sitting on my hands so I don't jump up every time he gags. I've had to learn that there is a difference between gagging and choking. We've had a few gagging episodes but he always spits it out himself. 

Giving him sausage last night actually terrified me. He gagged once, spat it out and carried right on eating. He's mastered chewing and can demolish a rusk like no ones business. 

So many things I am doing differently this time around so even though Henry is my third and I should have this parenting thing down, I don't. I feel like a first time Mum again. I'm not the only one, right? 

Now I just need to find something to do with the freezer full of pureed vegetables... 

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