Henry - Six Months.

Henry, today you turn six months old and I honestly cannot remember what life was like without you. You have slotted into my life so perfectly that it doesn't seem possible that just several months ago you weren't even here. We've been on quite the journey since your arrival and not only have you come on in leaps about bounds but so have I and I have you to thank for that.

According to our home scales you weigh about 18 pounds and have been in size 6-9 month clothes for close to a month now. You're a big boy who loves his milk! I had only one goal when it came to feeding you and that was for the first time to make it to six months of exclusive breastfeeding and today we've accomplished that! I have nothing against formula or bottles (your brother and sister loved them!) but I am so proud of every single one of your chubby little rolls! It hasn't been easy and three bouts of thrush prove that. There have been nights where I've been so tired and literally begged you for sleep but now I am so glad that I never gave in. Now comes for the fun that is solid foods! I'm excited to see how you take to it and have a little freezer stock pile of purees. I think we're going to do a mixture of puree & baby led weaning.

You gotten yourself into a little bedtime routine and thankfully it fits in with James & Emilie too. You have your last feed about 6.30pm and are normally in bed for 7pm. Most nights you will sleep for 3-4 hours before you wake for another feed. Now we've mastered feeding lying down you tend to go straight back to sleep and wake roughly every 3 hours. Sometimes more sometimes less.

You've been such a sleepy baby these past 6 months but I can definitely see a change in regards to how long you can stay awake during the day. Sometimes you need a nap after 2 hours, other times it's been 4 hours and you're still wide awake. You've started 'playing' a lot more and it's so cute to watch and see what toys interest you.

You have been practicing your sitting and can last a few minutes before you topple over. It makes me laugh because you're so close to sitting completely unaided but still can't roll over! You're quite happy lying on your back that I just think you have no interest to try and change that. You have come close a couple of times but you just get frustrated and give up.

Overall you are so happy! I've never had a happy baby so this is completely new to me. As soon as we figured out your allergy to dairy it changed everything. You basically cry if you are hungry or tired. James & Emilie can get the biggest smiles out of you and they love it!

You love bath time, music & dancing. Your jumperoo & door bouncer are definitely your favourite toys. You do not like being still although you are the cuddliest baby who loves a good snuggle. It doesn't take much to make you happy :)

Happy six months Henry!


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