38 Things That Make Me Happy.

Inspired by my favourite book 14000 Things To Be Happy about.. My own happiness list :)

1 Baby giggles
2 Sunshine
3 That first sip of Coffee
4 Mint choc chip ice cream
5 Writing
6 Printing photos
7 My children laughing
8 Loosing myself in a good book
9 Bacon sandwiches
10 Coffee shops
11 The kids piling onto the bed in the morning
12 Warm evenings
13 Bonfires
14 Publishing a new post
15 The magic of Christmas morning
16 Candles
17 Receiving a hand written letter
18 Fresh bedding
19 Chubby rolls on a baby
20 Homemade soup
21 Large blankets
22 Stars on a clear night
23 The smell of a new book
24 New stationery
25 Music
26 Sleepy baby cuddles
27 A warm bath on a cold night
28 A cool shower on a hot day
29 BBQ's
30 Writing a to-do list.
31 Open windows
32 Laughing so much your sides hurt
33 Kitchen dance parties with the kids
34 Little hands inside mine
35 Fresh flowers
36 Black & white photos
37 Dream catchers
38 Lazy weekend mornings

What makes you happy?

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