Thankful Friday - Week One

It's Friday! I am always so thankful to see the weekend approaching. I swear the weeks get busier as the year progresses!  

A lot of ladies who's blogs I read use their Friday posts to list what they are thankful for that week. I use to join a link up (that no longer runs) that was dedicated to these posts. It's been about two years since I've wrote one myself and truth be told, I miss it. Even at the end of a bad week there will have been slithers of happiness and thinking about them, writing them down and preserving them is something I think we could all benefit from doing.

Welcome to my first Thankful Friday post! 

1// The weather the past few days has been beautiful! (Not today. Today it is grey and raining.) Yesterday though it felt like spring. My mood changes so much during the nicer weather and just been able to have the back door open whilst I'm pottering about the house makes me so happy & motivated! 

2// Being back in the blogging world has been awesome. Just to be able to sit at the computer and let my thoughts all spill out into a post is such a stress buster. 

3// Yesterday dinner time the baby was napping so I got to spend time with just James & Emilie. We ate dinner and spoke about school. I treated them to ice cream. I helped James with his homework. It was simple things but giving them my undivided attention was lovely and apparently the ice cream pudding made me the "best mum in the world" (as quotes by James) 

4// Henry is so close to rolling over. I was watching him play on his floor gym last night and I for sure thought he was going to master it. He didn't but he did find his feet! Watching him learn new things everyday is amazing and even though he's my third, it never gets old. It feels exactly the same as it did with James eight years ago. 

What are you thankful for this week? I'd love for you to share in the comments :) 

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