March Goals.

Another month means it's time to make some new goals! Here's how I went with my February goals... 

1// Re-read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love this book! - I'm going to call this one a win. I haven't completely finished yet but you know, baby and all that jazz. 

2// Focus on one room! Having moved house in November I want each room decorated and finished "right this second!" Because of this I go from room to room and job to job not really having a plan and that just results in me ending up frustrated. I want to pick a room this month and focus solely on that room. I'm thinking our bedroom as it's quickly turning into a "dump all that doesn't have a home" room. - Big fail on this one! I just can't stop myself from wanting it all done at once. 

3// Another house related goal. Organisation! We've moved into a slightly bigger house so we don't have the right amount of furniture that we need yet. It will all happen in good time but I really need to think about storage and organisation this month. - I've come up with some good ideas. They just need implementing. All I need now is time & money. 

4// Plan James' birthday! My eldest baby turns 8 this month. Eight! He's decided that he wants a pizza party so it shouldn't be too hard to plan. Planning his presents though will be the tough one. He is so difficult to buy for. Due to his Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder he has obsessions with certain things and isn't interested in anything else. His obsessions do change over time so it's so difficult to know what to get him. I need to get my thinking cap on! - Done! The pizza party was a success and on his birthday James announced at bedtime that it had been the best birthday ever. 

Now time for some March goals. 

1// Read #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. I've heard some great things about this book so I'm excited. I downloaded it on ibooks on my phone so I can read whilst I feed the baby. 

2// Keep my blogging mojo! After taking an enforced break due to my MacBook being broken I am so excited to be back blogging. I missed it so much and have so much enthusiasm right now and I don't want to loose that. With three kids and one still being a tiny baby I don't think I'll be posting five times a week for a long time yet but I'm aiming for three times a week. 

3// Cooking! I mentioned this in my Currently post yesterday but I have been so lazy with my cooking since Henry came along. I want to get back to cooking proper meals again that actually require you to do more than place something frozen on a tray, into the oven and then wait for the timer to beep. 

4// Prepare for weaning. Staying on the subject of food. Henry turns five months on the 14th. I want to hold him off until 6 months before I start weaning him but I do need to purchase a high chair, bowls, spoons etc and also start batch cooking some food for him. With James & Emilie I would spend a day once a month in the kitchen cooking batches of vegetables, fruits, etc and then freezing them into ice cube trays. I loved watching them have their first tastes of new foods. I somehow can't believe I'm about to do it all over again.

Do you make monthly goals? I'd love to hear them if you do! :)  

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