Henry - Five Months.

Henry. Today you turn five months old and I have no idea how that has happened. Being my third baby, I know that time flies but with you it seems to be going even quicker. In just one month you will have been with us for half a year, a fact that I can't get my head around just yet. 

It's been quite a month for you. At the beginning of the month your reflux was out of control. You were being sick during feeds, after them and right up until the next feed. You were in obvious pain so off to the doctors we went. Thankfully your weight wasn't affected by the constant vomiting. You are such a chunky little monkey and had already doubled your birth weight. I couldn't bear to see you in so many pain though so we went to see a paediatrician who agreed with me that not only are we dealing with reflux but just like your big brother you also have a dairy allergy. I've since cut dairy out of my diet and you are like a different baby! You are still sick (A LOT!) but you are so much happier in yourself. Everyone comments on your smile and if you are in a grumpy mood then all I need to do is stand you up and you literally beam from ear to ear. You love being on your legs! 

You are still eating every two hours during the day but for the past two weeks you have been sleeping a lot better at night. You go to bed between 7-7.30pm and then normally wake for a feed between 10-11pm and then every 3ish hours after that. It's a lot easier now that we've mastered breastfeeding lying down! Your naps during the day are very hit and miss and you seem to need more sleep than the 'average' baby but Emilie was exactly the same. You won't nap anywhere but on me unless you are in the pushchair but I kind of like the extra snuggles. It's not very often you can stay awake for more than two hours before you go off to dream land again. 

You are so so so close to rolling over. You get three quarters of the way there but then get so frustrated that you give in. This month you have mastered holding your toys, they go straight into your mouth! You've found your feet and hold onto them like it's your full time job. Also you are a pro at taking your dummy out and most times you can get it back in again too :) You love baths and last weekend I took you swimming for the first time. I'm pretty sure that you are part fish because you spent 45 minutes in the pool and didn't cry once. You were taking it all in. You love music and we've had many a dance party in the kitchen. James & Emilie are now old enough to cringe at my singing but thankfully you're young enough to think it's the best thing ever. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll soon cotton on... 

Things you dislike - Not being the centre of attention! I can see that you are going to be such a people person. If I try to set you down so I can cook and you're not ready for it then you let the whole house know. The first ten minutes after you wake up from a nap are definitely not your favourite times of the day. However you wake up in the morning with the biggest smile on your face. You don't like being still. If you're on the move or being jiggled then you're happy. I think that teething has well and truly hit. You chomp away on anything that you can get near your mouth, including your own fists and you're dribbling away. I can see where the first two bottom teeth will eventually come through but who knows how long they will take. I'm hoping they go easy on you! 

Overall it's been a great month with you little man. I can't wait to see what the next month brings! 

Happy five months Henry Penry! 

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