My technical issues have finally been resolved! Hallelujah! You have no idea how much I have missed this little space of mine. Anthony and the kids have a fair idea. It's all I've talked about and I will admit that I have been like a bear with a sore head. Writing is my therapy and without it I end up not knowing what to do with myself. James accidentally broke my MacBook in January and I was hoping that between myself, Anthony & a host of YouTube instructional videos that we might be able to fix it but last week I admitted defeat. I'm now all set up with my new computer though and raring to go! 

I figured a Currently post would be a good place to start. A little catch up if you will. 

Reading... I've just started Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler. I'm only one chapter in and already I am hooked. 

Watching... Last week I started watching The Crown on Netflix and I am loving it. I love a bit of Royal drama! 

Trying... To convince Emilie that her immunisations that she has booked for next week are actually a good thing. She isn't having any of it though and I know that there will be tears on the day. I feel bad even though I know she needs them. 

Cooking... I've been so lazy with cooking since Henry came along. I've been going for whatever is easiest and quickest but yesterday I made an amazing Paleo dish (pictured above) and even James, my picky eater, loved it. It literally takes ten minutes to cook but is so tasty! I plan on posting the recipe here later next week. 

Eating... I haven't had dinner yet and it's already gone 9pm.. Oops! 

Drinking... Lots of water. With breastfeeding I am always thirsty and the little man is going through a growth spurt at the moment which just makes it worse. 

Calling... I've only spoken to Anthony on the phone today which is strange as I normally talk to my Mum and my sister most days. 

Texting... My youngest sister. We've been geeking out over Apple products :) 

Going... Hopefully not too far from home this weekend! Weekdays are always so busy that I'm trying to keep weekends low key, at least until the warmer weather arrives. 

Loving... My new computer. Honestly, I am currently like a kid at Christmas. 

Hating... The cold and all the rain we've been having this week. I got caught in a rain storm earlier this week with Emilie and the baby. To begin with Em thought it was fun but after about 20 minutes she changed her mind and the rest of the walk was a nightmare. Fun times with a three year old!

Thinking... About how much I want to accomplish this weekend around the house and all the blog posts I want to write now I am back in action. My head is buzzing with ideas. 

Feeling... Tired. Henry is still feeding every two hours through the night so there isn't much sleep happening around these parts. 

Hoping (for)... Sleep! Ha! Plus a quiet happy weekend. 

Listening (to)... Everyone is in bed so it is completely silent and I love it! My house is always a hive of activity and that's exactly what I wanted when I envisioned having a family but it does make me appreciate the quiet on the rare occasions that I find it. 

That felt so good. Just to sit and write. 

You don't write because you want to but because you have to - Judy Blume

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