February Goals.

Isn't it crazy that the first month of 2017 has been and gone? January was a hit and miss month for me so I'm excited to make some February Goals.

1// Re-read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love this book! If you're ever lacking in motivation then trust me when I tell you that you need to read this! It's no secret that Elizabeth is my favourite writer. Reading Big Magic is like a breath of fresh air and right now I need a bit of a motivational kick up the backside.

2// Focus on one room! Having moved house in November I want each room decorated and finished "right this second!" Because of this I go from room to room and job to job not really having a plan and that just results in me ending up frustrated. I want to pick a room this month and focus solely on that room. I'm thinking our bedroom as it's quickly turning into a "dump all that doesn't have a home" room.

3// Another house related goal. Organisation! We've moved into a slightly bigger house so we don't have the right amount of furniture that we need yet. It will all happen in good time but I really need to think about storage and organisation this month.

4// Plan James' birthday! My eldest baby turns 8 this month. Eight! He's decided that he wants a pizza party so it shouldn't be too hard to plan. Planning his presents though will be the tough one. He is so difficult to buy for. Due to his Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder he has obsessions with certain things and isn't interested in anything else. His obsessions do change over time so it's so difficult to know what to get him. I need to get my thinking cap on!

What are your goals for this month? Did you complete your January goals?!

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