January Goals.

Happy New Year! I'm starting 2017 with a PJ day, baby snuggles and blogging. The best way to start the year in my opinion. I'm excited to say goodbye to 2016 and leap head first into 2017! I feel like I'm starting to get my blogging mojo back and I want to keep that motivation going. Starting with my January goals.. 

1// Publish at least 3 blog posts during the week and then one on Sunday. Ideally I want to get back to posting every week day but I feel like starting with that is like setting myself up for failure. I can be motivated but I also need to be realistic. Three children one of which is an unpredictable baby and a house to run isn't a small job :) 

2// Pick my camera up more. It's so easy for me to grab my iPhone to snap photos but we all know camera photos are better, right? 

3// Chill out! I'm a typically type A personality which means that I tend to stress over the small things. I wake up thinking about my to-do list and go to bed thinking about it. I want to let the little things go in 2017. I want to forget about that to-do list once in a while and focus on the exciting moments instead. 

4// I'm going for my post gestational diabetes blood test this week and I'm hoping that I'm in the all clear but since having Henry and being able to eat normally again, I've gone back to old habits. When the baby is screaming to be held all day it's easier to grab something on the go that I can eat one handed rather than sit down and eat something that requires cutlery and two hands! I need to make more of an effort to eat like I was when I had Gestational Diabetes... & keep my fingers crossed that my blood test comes back all clear!

What are your goals for January?  

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