24 Things I've Learnt With 3 Kids

Eleven weeks into this parenting three children gig and I feel like I'm just starting to get a handle on it. We have good days and bad days but over the past two and a half months I've noticed a few things...

1 - My house will always be loud, even when everyone is getting along.
2 - I can do 3 loads of washing a day but the washing basket will never be empty.
3 - A cup of tea and 2 bourbon biscuits counts as a meal.
4 - There will always be someone staring at me whilst I pee.
5 - Breastfeeding is draining.
6 - There is always someone to cuddle.
7 - Somedays a 30 second conversation with the postman will be the only adult conversation I get all day.
8 - There is no 'just popping out' quickly anymore.. Leaving the house is a mammoth task.
9 - I will always forget either nappies or wipes when I do manage to get us all out of the house.
10 - I will either have my hair done or my makeup on. Never both on the same day.
11 - A 3 minute shower is now me-time.
12 - There will aways be someone crying,
13 - Or hungry/thirsty/fill in the blank.
14 - As soon as I sit down to feed the baby, the 3 year old will poop. Every time..
15 - I welcome any and all visitors. Adult conversation!
16 - Once they are all in bed I miss them.
17 - I will call each child the wrong name at least 3 times a day. Yesterday I called the dog Henry....
18 - I consider it a miracle if at 6.15am all 3 are still sleeping.
19 - A sling is a lifesaver come dinner time.
20 - I can go from unhappy to happy with just one smile from the kids or an 'I love you Mummy,'
21 - I can survive on 3 hours broken sleep a night.
22 - I will always feel Mummy guilt. I will always question my parenting.
23 - I won't be able to please everyone at dinner time. Unless I want to cook 4 separate meals. (I dread when Henry is eating food too!)
24 - Bad days happen but tomorrow is always a new day.

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