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Reading... I ordered The Little Book of Hygge from Amazon and only managed to start it last week. Long gone are the days where I could read a book in 2 days. Now I'm lucky if I can manage a couple of pages every two days! I'm loving this book though and just wish I could spend more time reading it. The whole idea of Hygge makes me happy. 

Watching... There hasn't been much time to watch anything lately. Trying to organise the new house coupled with tending to a newborn baby, a toddler who is becoming a pro at throwing epic tantrums and then making sure that James doesn't get left out keeps me busy! The only time I watch anything is whilst I'm feeding Henry. I'm loving NCIS at the moment. Most of them I've seen before but it's a show that I don't mind re-watching. 

Trying... To ignore the sinus headache that I've had for three days now. All of us has either a cough or cold at the moment. I'm trying to find the silver lining to this and thinking that at least we're getting them out the way before Christmas? 

Cooking... Ha! I try to throw together the simplest of dinners at the moment. I actually miss spending time planning and then cooking great dinners. It's something I'm looking forward to getting back into as Henry gets a little older. 

Eating... Breakfast this morning was bacon rolls! The best way to start a weekend!

Drinking... I'm trying to drink more water hoping it will hep my headache. Also I never realised how thirsty breastfeeding makes you! I wake up in the night to feed him and then have to drink 2 glasses of water each time. 

Calling... So far today, just my Mum.  

Texting... I don't think I've sent a text since yesterday morning!  

Going... Nowhere! Its a day at home snuggling kiddos and cleaning. I'm trying to do lots of little things that I can't do in the week when i'm on my own with the kids and Anthony's working. 

Loving... The December weather! We've had quite a few days where it's been cold but with lovely sunshine. Isn't that the perfect winter weather?! 

Hating... That poor Henry has his first illness at just 7 weeks old. He's caught Emilie's cough and also has bronchiolitis. He's so wheezy at the moment and I can tell his cough is causing him pain. It's awful seeing someone so little suffer. 

Thinking... About how cozy my living room looks now I've put the Christmas tree up! Our living room is the only room that's been decorated since we moved in a few weeks ago. I needed one room that looked normal. The rest of the house still looks half lived in! 

Feeling... Tired. Oh so tired. Henry was awake a lot last night. The joys of a newborn... 

Hoping (for)... Henry to start feeling better. Emilie to stop throwing tantrums every five minutes. She's still adjusting to being the middle child and it's taking a while. 

Listening (to)... The baby is sleeping and Emilie is watching Paw Patrol. It's actually relatively quiet. An unusual occurrence in my house.  

Smelling... My christmas candle that I have burning. It's cinnamon and something. I love candles. They automatically make a room feel cozy :)   

Ordering... Christmas presents. I haven't finished my shopping yet and it makes me anxious to be leaving it this late but with the baby coming and moving house I just haven't had the time to sort it all. I feel like I need another two months to get ready. 

I can't believe this post took me three days to write. I guess that's what life with three kids is going to be like! 

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