Easy Homemade Face Mask.

Post pregnancy has done a number on my skin. I feel like a thirteen year old again. My skin is dry and breaking out despite me using my Sunday Riley Cleanser that I swear by. I've been meaning to purchase a skin mask every time I go shopping but it's always one of those things that I keep forgetting and only remember when I go to take my makeup off at the end of the day.

I had a day at home yesterday just pottering around. I put the Christmas tree up, cleaned & feathered my nest. I figured whilst I wasn't going anywhere I would give my skin a rest and have a day makeup free. Something that I rarely do. I ended up googling the best ingredients to use to make a face mask. It turns out there are so many! Different things are good for different skin types but I settled on two to use today.

Bananas & honey..

Bananas are great for adding moisture to your skin. It also has anti ageing effects and lets be honest and call a spade a spade, when you are up every two hours feeding baby you need all the anti ageing you can get! They are great for treating acne and also help to lighten dark spots.

Honey has fantastic antibacterial properties which helps get rid of any bacteria that is lurking around those spots. Like bananas it is good for anti-ageing and helps to give your skin a glow.

I mashed one banana and added a table spoon of honey. After washing my makeup free face with warm water I added my banana and honey mixture and left it on for about 25 minutes. Within minutes it had dried and felt quite soothing.

I used some of my witch hazel afterwards which is not only a great toner that I use daily but it is commonly used to help treat acne.

Now I can't say whether it's going to help clear up the spots that are currently making me look like a teenager but once I had rinsed it off with more warm water they certainly looked a lot less red and angry. My face felt amazing though! So soft and moisturised. I think a once a week face mask might be something that I will have to indulge in. There were a few others that I want to try but this one was so simple and literally took me two minutes to make.

If you have any great face mask recipes then please let me know.. My skin would definitely thank you :)

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