We Moved!

Do you know what not to do when you have a newborn?

Move house. 

Our old house only had 2 bedrooms and with a third baby coming, the maths didn't quite add up. I loved our house but we had outgrown it and it was definitely time to move on. I just wasn't expecting to do it with a tiny baby in tow. In fact I had spent my whole pregnancy voicing that I didn't want to move with a baby. The universe obviously had other ideas though because the day Henry was born was the day we found a new house and three days later we had the keys.

Anthony spent the first week moving some non essential stuff to the new house whilst I tried to recover from the birth. The second week I spent the entire week, packing the rest of the house up, whilst trying to wrangle three kids and get to grips with breastfeeding, sleepless night & being back in the world of nappies. I think I cried more in that week than I have in my entire life.

We made the move last Saturday and things are starting to calm down a little. Most of the boxes are unpacked apart from all the clothes. Our wardrobe broke during the move so until that is replaced I'm digging through boxes trying to match outfits. It makes mornings fun...

FYI my advice would be to move before the baby arrives.

We're only two towns over from our old house but it feels a million miles away and I'm looking forward to when this place feels like home. I'm hoping that decorating and putting my own mark on the house helps with that. James started his new school on Tuesday and we've had a few teething problems but I'm so proud with how well he has coped with it. I remember changing school several times as a kid and I still remember that daunting feeling off being the new kid and not knowing anyone. I've spent everyday this week worrying about how he's doing and counting down the hours until I can collect him from school.

Life feels super crazy right now. My hormones mean that I swing from being happy we finally have a house big enough and sad about having to leave our old one. Optimistic that James will settle into school and then feeling like the worlds worst parent for having to make him leave his old school which he loved. Those postpartum hormones have a lot to answer for...

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