Henry One Month

I cannot believe that Henry is one month old! Part of me feels like I've blinked and missed his first month and another part of me feels like he should be older, seen as so much has happened since he arrived, including packing up our house and moving. 

Overall this little man is a dream baby. He has taken to breastfeeding like a champ which makes me so happy! I tried so hard with James and Emilie but for medical reasons it just didn't work. I was hopeful throughout Henry's pregnancy that breastfeeding would go well this time but I prepared myself for it not to work. When he was born and latched on straight away I was delighted! He is generally feeding every two hours during the day. At night he tends to have his longest stretch between feedings between 7pm to 11pm. Then he eats every 2-3 hours after that. I like that I still get a little bit of an evening to be just Liane although I tend to go straight to bed as I am wiped out! We have already experienced a couple of growth spurts where he's been eating every 30 minutes or so. Those days are tough with having the older two, school runs & trying to keep on top of the house. 

Henry is exactly like his sister in that he is a really sleepy baby. I'm sure it's a trait of these early babies! Heaven forbid if I try and put him down though! He likes to be cuddled most of the day. I don't mind so much though. He is my last baby after all. I have become a pro at doing most things one handed... Including typing this post... 

So far he loves bath time, sleeping, eating and staring at lights. He does not like nappy changes in the slightest. 

James & Emilie both love him to bits although Emilie is having a few issues adjusting to not being the baby in the family anymore. This girl is testing all of her boundaries and I have to remind myself several times a day that she's acting out as a way of expressing her emotions but some days it's tough! 

Some photos from the past month.. 

Happy ONE month Henry! 

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