Corioliss C3 Review.

I am not being compensated for this review. I just really like to share the love when I find a fantastic product! 

For the past eight-ish years I have been a die hard GHD fan. Nothing could sway me from them. Last year I upgraded my straighteners that I had brought from them a few years before and splashed out on the GHD platinums for my 30th birthday. One month later they broke. GHD sent me a new pair and it was all good until this August when they broke again. I wasn't a happy camper. Why was I paying all this money for a product just for them to break on me? I came to the realisation that I was simply paying for a name. 

I started to do some research. I asked around and I spoke to my hairdresser. With my curly hair I needed hair straighteners that would work at not only straightening my hair but taking the frizz out of it too. I also didn't want to fry my hair and in my early twenties when I would buy really cheap straighteners that's exactly what they did. Fried my hair. 

I had a few recommendations to try Corioliss straighteners. My hairdresser swears by them. I googled them, read some reviews, watched some YouTube videos and decided to take the plunge. I'm so wary about trying new things on my hair but I am not disappointed. 

The first thing I loved was there were so many prints to choose from. I decided to go with their latest range, the C3's and it took me a while to pick the design I wanted. In the past week they've actually just released a few new designs and I love them too! I want to buy several pairs! 

The plates are titanium and they literally glide through your hair. There is no pulling or tugging. Occasionally with my old GHD's my hair would feel a little dry afterwards but so far with the Corioliss I haven't had that. 

My favourite thing about these straighteners is the temperature control, something which GHD's do not come with. My hairdresser informed me that she only ever uses 180 degrees on my hair and nothing higher. I always thought that as my hair was so thick and curly that I needed a higher temperature but I tried these on my hair at 180 and I got the perfect finish. Not a kink in sight :) 

For such a great product I was pleasantly surprised at the price. I've found them from just £85.90 here

If you've tried this brand I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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