5 Things I Plan To Do Differently With My Newborn

We live and learn right? Within the next two weeks I'm going to have a newborn again! I've been thinking a lot this past weekend about what I want to do differently this time around. It is said that hindsight is a wonderful thing! 

1// James took to breastfeeding like a duck to water. The problem was his reflux. He would still be latched on to me and vomiting at the same time. At 3 weeks old he was diagnosed with reflux and given medication by the hospital. They informed me that he would have to be bottle fed and being a first time Mum I didn't even think to question it. About 5 weeks later I found out that he could have stayed breastfed and taken his medication. I was gutted, but by that time James was well established on the bottles and my milk had dried up. With Emilie she was so tiny and so sleepy that she never took to breastfeeding but I feel now in hindsight that I was so worried about her weight that I gave up too quickly. This time around I purposely haven't purchased any bottles. I don't want to be awake at 2am with a screaming baby and turn to a bottle just because I'm tired, stressed and freaking out. I want to try everything to get breastfeeding to work this time. 

2// Emilie was 4 months old before I purchased a sling. It was probably one of the best baby buys I made. This time around I know that I am going to need my hands free even more than ever before so I'm prepared this time around. I already have a Moby wrap and a sling wrap ready to go! The baby will be close to me for comfort and I'll have two hands free to wrangle James and Emilie.

3// James was born in hospital so I had three days before I was home with him. However, Emilie was born at home, from the first day we were inundated with visitors. I hate saying no to people and I know that they're just excited to meet the new little one. Emilie was 9 hours old and my house was full though. It was just too much. This time around I plan on spreading people out over the course of a couple of weeks and saying no if I'm too tired.  

4// I'm all for listening to other people when they offer advice but in the past I've been too quick to take it as gospel and not listen to my own intuition. This time around I feel stronger. This is my 3rd baby and I feel like I haven't done too badly with my older two. I will still listen to advice and ask for it but I won't necessarily take it! 

5// With both James and Emilie I was up and about within a day. Not saying that's a bad thing but vacuuming the house when Emilie was just 2 days old probably wasn't the wisest decision I made postpartum. I just hate sitting still and if I see that something needs doing it bugs me until its done. I want to try really hard this time to take the time to recover. Anthony has two weeks off after the birth and I want to take advantage of that! After those two weeks I'm going to have to be back to doing school & nursery runs, shopping, cooking etc so for those two weeks you'll find me on the sofa or in bed :) 

What things would you do differently next time around? I'd love to hear it! 

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