What Simplifies Your Life? - Blog-tember Challenge

Day Eighteen - What one product simplifies your life? 

Technically I'm going to cheat and say three products but they are all part of the same range so I'm going to say it allowed! :) 

Okay, so it's a Monday morning. You wake up late. The kids are already screaming about how starving they are and how they must eat right-this-second. You have lunch boxes to make, you're trying to sort their clothes out whilst the pre-schooler thinks it's great fun to throw her breakfast all over the floor. You throw on the first outfit you can find, whilst silently chastising yourself for not taking your makeup off before you fell asleep. Then you look in the mirror and realise that you probably should have washed your hair the night before. No up-do is going to cover the mess that is you hair. 

Enter my life saving product... Batiste Dry Shampoo. 

... It covers a multitude of sins. 

I love pretty much the whole Batiste range. The dry shampoo comes in a variety of scents. I haven't tried them all but so far this floral one is my favourite. They also do one that is specifically for dark hair, which is great because no one wants a white powder residue completing their look. 

I'm also adding the Frizz Tamer and Heat & Shine Spray to my list from the same range. I use the Frizz tamer every morning whether my hair is up or down, curly or straight. It helps calm the frizz that my hair is prone too. The heat protector is one of the best I've tried so far and at only £4.49 you can't really go wrong. 

Three perfect products for those stressful mornings! 

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