The Blog-tember Challenge - Summer Favourites.

Day Three - Now that Summer has come to an end, share your favourites from the season. 

This summer has been weird. I've never been heavily pregnant throughout the whole of the summer and since being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and becoming a high risk pregnancy, things have certainly gotten a lot more crazier around here with multiple hospital visits per week. I feel a bit sad for James & Emilie that it's taken over their summer breaks. I keep reminding myself that this is just a moment in time. Next year it will be different. 

Some favourites from the past few months - 

1// Having James home from school. During term times our lives revolve around school drop off's and pick up's, homework and schedules. Having a break from that has been so welcomed. I'm going to miss him when he goes back to school on Monday. 

2// Lazy mornings. We are still awake with the birds but breakfast is slow and the kids don't get dressed until I've reminded them at least five times to get changed. 

3// Afternoon bubble baths. For the kids not me... 

4// Sunny afternoons spent in the garden.

5// Dog walks. I find it so relaxing to walk the dog.

6// Extra ultrasounds of baby boy. The only silver lining to a high risk pregnancy. 

7// Dance parties in the kitchen.

8// James asking me to teach him how to cook. 

9// Park trips. Tree climbing. Running through fields. 

10// Celebrating Emilie's 3rd birthday. How is she 3 already? 

11// The smell of children covered in sun cream. At the end of the day their feet covered in dirt and their hair looking like it hasn't been brushed in a week. A sign of a day well spent. 

12// Picnics & spur of the moment BBQ's.. I don't need to elaborate on that one. 

It may have been a slow summer but it's been fun. Now onto my favourite season of them all. Autumn! 

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