The Blog-tember Challenge - Currently

Day 4 - What are you up to currently? 

We all know that I am a massive fan of these types of posts! Sometimes it's just nice to step back and take a moment to reflect on the here and now. Like a lot of people I am constantly looking forward, planning the next thing that I have to do or the next big thing coming up. These posts force me to spend a few moments in the present. 

Reading... At the moment I don't have a book on the go. I've been so busy trying to sort the house out and get ready for the baby that there isn't just enough hours in my day! 
Playing... Catch up with all my chores. I'm moving a lot slower these days and I get tired so easily! It takes me forever to just complete one job.  
Watching... Our TV isn't working at the moment so I've been watching a few DVD's. I had a pile of ones to watch so I'm slowly working my way through them. Last night I watched Martian with Matt Damon. I loved it :) 
Trying... To keep my emotions in check. It's like riding a rollercoaster at the moment!
Cooking... Burgers, chips & salad. A simple meal tonight but it's all I had the energy for. 
Eating... Still on the Gestational Diabetes diet so it's a lot of protein, minimal carbs and no sugar. I love cheese but even I'm getting fed up of it now! 
Drinking... Water, water and more water. I am SO thirsty all the time!
Calling... I literally haven't spoken to anyone apart from Anthony and the kids today. I'm having a hermit day :) 
Texting... My Mum & sisters.
Pinning... I'm wearing my hair natural at the moment, whilst my straighteners are broken so I've been looking at a lot of curly hair pins. I wish I could learn to love my curls more. It's a work in progress. 
Going... I'm actually going to leave the house tomorrow to take the kids to Bark In The Park with the dog. We're hoping the weather holds out but looking at the rain at the moment I'm not counting my chickens.  
Loving... Rain storms whilst I'm inside the house and knowing that I don't have to go outside. 
Hating... Rain storms when I need to go somewhere! Lets hope they hold off next week when school starts back up. 
Discovering... How bad sibling rivalry can be.. James and Emilie have been constantly arguing the past week and it's draining. I'm hoping the routine of school/nursery helps them get back to normal.
Thinking... That I need to figure out how I'm going to organise my hospital appointments around school/nursery times. Thankfully it's on for a few weeks. 
Feeling... So very tired and achy! Rolling over in bed is a 5 part process that involves a lot of grunting. 
Hoping (for)... An easy week for James back at school. He's excited to start his new school but also nervous. He doesn't deal with nerves very well thanks to his Sensory Processing Disorder. 
Listening (to)... James & Emilie crawling along the floor, barking, pretending to be dogs. 
Smelling... I'm about to bust my Cinnamon candle out. It's officially September so I think it's allowed :)  
Ordering... I need to order the last few bits for Baby Boy. Nothing too big just those niggly little things that you put off until the end.

What are you up to currently?  

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