My Favourite Posts - Blog-Tember Challenge

Day Nineteen - A list of your favourite blog posts that you've written

I love posts like these. Once I start looking I find so many posts that I had completely forgotten I had written. After four years I have some that I am really proud of and others that make me cringe slightly but I won't delete them because they are all part of my journey and my blog.

Some of my favourites......

1 - Newbie
Off course I have to include the first post that I ever wrote here. Back in 2012 I took the plunge and moved from Live Journal to Blogger and haven't looked back :)

2 - How Do You Know When Enough is Enough?
Talking about how you know when your family is complete.

3 - Women Connect '12
I wrote this when we were trying for baby number two, after suffering from fertility problems before having James. What I didn't know was I was already pregnant with Emilie! I found out nine days after writing this post!

4 - Surviving the 1st Two Weeks with Gestational Diabetes
A very recent post that I wrote after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Even if only one woman reads this and finds it helpful then it was totally worth it.

5 - Curly To Straight Hair - My Top 6 Tips
I love writing posts where I feel like I'm giving something of value to my readers. I wish I had known these tips 18 months ago!

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