Blog-Tember Challenge - Where In The World.

There is never a good time for your Wifi to go down but for it to be one week into the Blog-tember challenge is even worse! Thankfully it was down for less than a week and I had already pre-written some posts so I don't think I've missed too many.. I'm back with a vengeance now :) 

Day Nine - If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

This answer is so easy for me. It's been on my bucket list for as long as.. well, since I've had a bucket list basically. The one place I want to go. The one place where I know I will eventually go is New York! Even better if it's at Christmas time. 

We've all seen it in the movies. It's immortalised in shows such as Friends & Sex and the City. We feel like we know the City without ever stepping foot in it. 

Everything about it appeals to me. The people, the shops, the attractions, the hustle & bustle. I want to walk the streets, ride the subway, take a yellow "cab". I want to sit on Carrie Bradshaw's steps. I want to stop on every street and try all the coffee shops. 

One day.. 

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? 

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