Blog-Tember Challenge - DITL.

Day ten - Take us through your day! 

I think I've only done a Day In Your Life post once before and that was the other year that I took part in this challenge. The kids have only been back at school for a week so we're still trying to find our groove after the summer and with all my hospital appointments now thrown in each day is different and I spend a lot of the time trying to figure out the logistics of getting to the hospital, sorting baby sitters and trying to keep up with the house in-between.. Generally though, it starting to look a lot like this.. 

6am-6.30am - Emilie wakes up anytime between 6-6.30am. I'm normally just starting to wake up and each morning I hear her say, "Good Morning James".. Poor James is normally still fast asleep and I'm sure he would sleep longer if his little sister did. The problem with only having two bedrooms! 

6.45am - We're all downstairs. Anthony gets ready to leave for work. I let the dog out and then make coffee, whilst making the kids breakfast. I test my fasting numbers and give myself my insulin injection whilst trying to find something that won't spike my numbers for breakfast. I eat my breakfast in about 5 minutes flat. Whilst the kids are eating I get dressed and do my make up. 

7.15am - It takes me reminding James at least four times to get dressed before he actually does it. Emilie tries to do it herself but most days I end up having to help her. I try and get them to do their hair, teeth, etc all at the same time. It doesn't tend to happen like that though. One will run in one direction whilst the other goes a different way and I'm stood there holding a tooth brush in each hand. 

7.40am - I make lunch boxes for James & Emilie, wash the breakfast dishes and vacuum the living room whilst the kids play. 

8.30am - We leave for the school run. I drop James off first and then Emilie. She use to cry at drop off but now she runs in happily and it's so lovely to see! 

9am - If I need to do shopping I go and do it now or if not I come home, spend some time cleaning, blogging, or just chilling out. I'll get some washing done. Anything that I find hard to do with kids around I get done now. 

11am - I try and eat before collecting Em from nursery. At the moment with my gestational diabetes I tend to eat one wholemeal wrap with ham, cheese & salad or a chicken & bacon salad. 

12 noon - On Monday Emilie does a full day at nursery but Wednesday through to Friday she finishes at midday. We walk home whilst she tells me all about her morning. She tends to like to chill out for a bit once we get home. She gave up her nap over the summer but she still needs some quiet time. 

2.45pm - We leave to go collect James. He comes out at 3.15pm and then it's a 15 minute walk back home. We do a lot of walking in our day! 

4pm - They're both starving by this time of the day so I tend to do an early dinner. I have the worlds pickiest eaters so it's not unheard of for me to have to cook 3 different meals. This time of the day is crazy. The kids are tired, hungry and bouncing off the walls. 

5-6pm - Homework, reading and bath times. It's a crazy hour. I tend to use this time to organise their clothes for the next day. I also do the dinner dishes and tidy up the kitchen. Anthony will normally get home around this time. The kids go mental when he walks in! 

7pm - Bedtime for the kiddos! We're very lucky in that they go to bed with minimal fuss. Emilie sometimes tries to push it by asking for another drink or saying she needs to use the toilet again but normally by 7.30pm she is fast asleep. James is anytime between 7-8pm. 

At the moment I am going to bed so early! Thank you 33 weeks of pregnancy :) I sometimes will watch a bit of Netflix before falling asleep or try to fit some blogging in. Pre-pregnancy I would stay up later but now I've just hit that wall where I need to go to sleep so early to be able to function properly the next day! 

And that's pretty much it. Obviously every day isn't like this and days with my hospital appointments are so manic I couldn't even begin to document it! 

What do your days look like? 

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