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Gestational Diabetes Friendly Food Guide

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I remember the feeing of dread on the day I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. What was I going to eat!? I've always struggled with food anyway and now being told that I was going to have to completely revamp my diet sent my head spinning. I still have days where I think that there is nothing that I can have but thankfully those days are few and far between now as I learn what my body & baby can tolerate and what it can't.

You're basically looking at a high protein, high fat, low carb diet now. To being with I thought high fat foods were bad for you but when eaten with the other GD friendly foods, all together it works and works well. In the first week I lost 5lb and since then my weight has stayed exactly the same, even though the baby is growing.

Carbohydrates - 

We all know that carbohydrates basically turn into sugar in your blood stream so you need to limit the amount of carbs you intake but you do need some with each meal to avoid developing ketones (that's a whole other post!) You are now looking for slow release carbs though so things like brown rice or pasta, wholemeal bread & wraps. Sweet potatoes. Some people will be able to tolerate rice but pasta sends their blood sugars soaring or they can have bread but potatoes are a big no no. I've found the best thing to do is to try little bits of each and just see what works for you. The rule of thumb is to "Never eat a naked carb" basically this means to never eat carbohydrates on their own. Granny Smith apples are a good fruit option but on their own they have a lot of carbs so try slicing them and eating them with peanut butter. The protein from the nuts really helps keep your levels in range.

Protein - 

Protein is now your best friend! Anything with a high amount of protein in it is perfect for your new diet. Many people with Gestational Diabetes find that a high protein breakfast works perfectly to keep their levels in check as it is harder to tolerate carbohydrates in the morning. Chicken, Turkey & Mince are all great main meal options. Eggs are a saviour for breakfast as is Greek Yoghurt with nuts.  Cheese and nuts make great snack options.

Fruit & Veg - 

Fruit & Veg are filled with healthy vitamins that we need but unfortunately a lot of them are also filled with natural sugars and carbohydrates. Did you know that there are more carbs in an apple than a chocolate biscuit! Bananas are filled with natural sugar so it is best to try and stay away from them. Apples, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries & grapefruits work really well.

With your main meals, obviously you want more protein than anything else, then some carbohydrates, it is then advised to bulk out your plate with veg that is lower in carbs, I've found broccoli works quite well or salad! Lots of lettuce, cucumber, green leaves & spinach!

High Fat Foods - The Benefits  

Don't be put off by "high fat" foods, not all of these are bad for you and in cases of Gestational Diabetes, they work in your favour by helping slow the release of glucose into your blood stream, therefore stopping your sugar levels from spiking. For example, if you were to have Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. If you choose to have your mince with brown spaghetti and then sprinkle grated cheese over the top, this is a great GD friendly meal and the cheese will help slow the release of glucose from the spaghetti.

Another great example is when making your sandwich or wrap at lunch time. A ham, lettuce and cucumber filling is a great option but if you add full fat mayonnaise to it then once again you help slow the release of glucose from the bread.

A few weeks ago I tried the No Added Sugar Angel Delight which is widely known to be a great desert for diabetics, when paired correctly. I had run out of cream so I only paired it with nuts. My sugar levels spiked and I felt awful. The next time I tried it I made sure that I had Anchor Extra Thick cream in the house, and with that and the nuts my numbers stayed well below range!

So there are the basics when you are trying to get use to this whole new world. In all honesty, the first week it did take some getting use to. It was difficult to learn what foods to pair with other foods and what was good and bad, but 8 weeks in and I don't even have to think about it anymore. That's not to say that I don't miss chocolate! Or cereals... Or sugar in my tea... Or toffee popcorn with a Saturday night movie..... 


Loving Lately.. This Weekend.

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Loving this weekend...

New cameras that are small enough to pop into your pocket.

Little girls who think that snapchat is the funniest thing ever

Family days out. 

First tights of the season. Scuffed boots and all. 

Cookie & donut birthday cakes. Even if I'm not allowed to eat any. 

Baby kicks. Slow mornings, relaxed evening. Feeling a little more human after a poorly week. Big blankets on the sofa. Early morning bubble baths. Making plans. Making lists. Feeling motivated. 

How was your weekend? 



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Reading... Lately I've been reading a lot of blog posts that I've been finding through Twitter. Just this morning I read this one that made me laugh so much! 
Playing... I got hit with the flu on Wednesday. To begin with I thought it was just a bit of a cough until it got worse on Thursday and then yesterday I literally couldn't move off the sofa. I'm still feeling bad today but at least I've managed to get dressed. I'm playing catch up with jobs today. Well, as much as I can. I'm having to do one job and then sit down before attempting anything else. I just feel so wiped out. 
Watching... I've been spending most of evenings lately watching Netflix. I'm taking advantage of my free evenings before baby boy comes along and throws me for a loop lol! I'm very lucky that my older two go to bed with minimal fuss at 7pm. 
Trying... To find some energy to cook dinner. I've managed to peel potatoes and that's about it so far! 
Cooking... No idea yet! I know it's going to be something with potatoes. That's a start right? 
Eating... Not a lot the past few days. Not the best thing with Gestational Diabetes but at least what I am eating is still GD friendly, I'm just not eating enough of it but who wants to eat with the flu? Not me. 
Drinking... Water, Diet Coke and sugar free Ribena. 
Calling... No one today. It's just been me and the kids. I don't have the energy to talk to anyone at the moment! 
Texting... I don't even think I've sent a text today! That's unheard of for me! 
Going... We have our nieces birthday party tomorrow so I'm hoping that I'm well enough to go. I don't want to infect them all so if I'm still bad then Anthony will take the kiddies.   
Loving... The cooler weather we've been having. Ask me in December if I'm still loving it :)  
Hating... Feeling so bad whilst being pregnant. Last night I was laying in bed, aching all over, freezing one minute and boiling the next. I just couldn't get comfy. I couldn't imagine giving birth whilst feeling so poorly! 
Discovering... That it's ok to let the house get messy once in a while. I literally didn't do anything yesterday but lie on the sofa and you know what? The mess was still here this morning. No one died and the roof didn't fall in. 
Thinking... That I need to stop complaining! This is turning into a moan fest post. 
Feeling... Tired, achy and flu-ey but happy that I'm feeling better than I was yesterday.  
Hoping (for)... A good week. A fun day tomorrow with the kids. A good hospital appointment on Thursday. 
Listening (to)... The kids are actually being quiet.. That's probably a bad thing.. 
Smelling... Bleach. I cleaned my kitchen floor and I think I went OTT on the bleach.   
Ordering... I've just ordered the new Blogosphere magazine. I cannot wait for it to arrive. Earlier this week I ordered a new camera. Just a small point and shoot that I can carry around in my pocket rather than my big DSLR. It arrived on Wednesday and I love it! I'm looking forward to having a good play with it :)

How about you? What are you up to currently? 

Hubble Bubble Recipe

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Day 23 of the Blog-tember challenge calls for a family recipe. This isn't a family recipe per-se but it's something that I've been making for my own family for about six years now. It's one of those dishes that I don't think to make very often but when I do it's always a massive hit. I originally found the recipe in an old housewives cook book, which I don't even think I have anymore. I wish I had photos of the dish to share with this post but I've never taken any whilst making it but I knew straight away that it was the one I wanted to share today. 

Ingredients - 

1lb of potatoes - These need to be cooked and then sliced. 
6 rashers of bacon chopped
1 chopped onion
6 sausages - skinned and quartered
2 medium eggs
150ml milk
Salt & Pepper to taste

Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees. 
In a baking dish make a layer of potatoes. Leave half of the potatoes for the end.
Mix together the bacon, sausages & onion and place on top of your layer of potatoes.
Whisk the eggs, milk, salt & pepper together and pour this over the sausages, bacon & onion mix. 
Finish with another layer of potatoes. 
Cook in the centre of the oven for roughly 40 minutes or until the eggs have set. 

It's as simple as that. Once it's dished up you make think that it doesn't look too appetising - (It's the eggs!) however trust me, it is delicious! 


Autumn Clothing Essentials - Blog-tember Challenge

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I adore clothing in autumn! I'm all about layers, scarfs and boots. I'm desperate to go on a good shopping spree but at the moment with being pregnant, I'm guessing it's probably a good idea to wait until after the baby is born so I get more than 3 weeks wear out of anything that I buy! 
I'm so bored with my clothes at the moment. Nothing fits properly and by the end of the day I feel like my clothes are strangling me. Plus the weather has been so up and down the last few weeks. Warm one minute and cold the next. I am so looking forward to getting my shape back and being able to wear what I want and what I feel suits me, rather than what covers the bump. 

So my Autumn Essentials today for the Blog-tember challenge is clothing related. There are just some staples that you need during autumn. I have a feeling that by the time I'm up to going shopping we'll be into winter so it will be all about the jumpers, coats and keeping warm. 

You can't go wrong with a pair of knee length boots. They go with everything! Dresses, skirts, jeans. I normally have more than one pair per autumn/winter and love them.

I love turtle neck jumpers. There is something so cozy about them. I love the big knitted ones too.

A pair of nice fitting jeans are a staple that you have to have! You can wear them for everyday causal or dress them up. Win win.

I always like to have a chunky cardigan too for those chilly days. I constantly feel the cold and having something comfy like this to throw on helps so much.

I really want a knitted dress like this one this year. It would even go with knee high boots ;) I don't think it's very practical for winter but for autumn I think it's perfect. 

What about you? Anything that is a must-have in your wardrobe during the autumn season? 


35 Weeks Pregnant!

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35 weeks! On the whole I feel like this pregnancy has gone quite fast but now that I'm on the home stretch it seems to be slowing down a bit and time is starting to drag. I've been told by the diabetic doctors that they will induce me at 38 weeks so knowing that I only have 3 weeks left is probably not helping with the time dragging issue! 

On the whole I feel okay. I ache everywhere and walking is a bit of a chore but it could be worse. I'm managing my gestational diabetes quite well, apart from the odd high number here or there. I had to start insulin with my breakfast because any food would send my numbers soaring but since starting on 4 units each morning I've only had one high breakfast reading so it's doing it's job :) I'm really starting to miss being able to eat what I want when I want but knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel makes it not so bad.. I have a big list of food that I want to eat after the delivery. The first thing is a big bowl of cereal. Just normal cereal! 

Sleep. Oh how I miss sleep. My middle of the night insomnia did disappear for a couple of weeks but it is back with a vengeance now. Most nights I wake to go to the toilet between 3-5 times, plus around 1am I tend to wake up for at least an hour. It's amazing how you learn to survive on so little sleep.

My hospital bag is all packed. James and Emilie's bags are all ready to go. Emilie came at 37 weeks so I might not even make it to my induction. Baby boy is still breech at the moment. He could still turn on his own but if he doesn't then I've decided not to have the ECV procedure. It only has a 30% success rate and at the moment I feel like I'm dealing with so many medical issues and hospital appointments that it's just one more thing that I would have to cope with that might not work. If he stays breach then we'll go the alternative route for delivery. As long as he arrives happy and safe then it doesn't matter to me how he comes out!

Has anyone had a breach baby turn after 35 weeks? I'd love to hear from you if you have! 


What I Wished People Knew About Gestational Diabetes - Blog-Tember Challenge

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Day 20 - Something you wish more people knew or believed.

Since being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, 6 nearly 7 weeks ago, if I had a pound for every time someone has said to me, "Oh that's ok, you'll just have a big baby," well I would have a lot of money. 

It's a common belief that GD just means a larger than average baby, when in fact that's only the tip of the iceberg. Many GD babies are born a normal weight, if their Mum's are able to control their sugar levels. If I was to sit here day after day eating cookies and chocolate and not keeping my numbers in check then yes, chances are my baby would be large. (What is an average size baby anyway?!) My sister didn't have Diabetes and her babies were 9lb 20z and 10lb 1oz! 

Diet and portion control are so important when you're dealing with this illness. I've also been given the advice of "One slice of cake won't hurt".. It won't hurt me but every time my sugar levels spike higher than they should be the baby gets a load of excess glucose that he doesn't need. So one of slice of cake may taste like heaven, (trust me, I've dreamt of it) but in the long run is it really worth it? 

Once you're diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes you are classed as a high risk pregnancy and are monitored much more closely than a normal pregnancy. There is a reason for this. There are many complications that can arise from Diabetes during a pregnancy. Your placenta some times doesn't hold up as well, therefore you are normally induced slightly earlier than your due date. Polyhydramnios, which is excess amniotic fluid. Premature birth, the baby suffering from hypoglycaemia at the time of birth, jaundice, miscarriage and even still birth. 

The best way to avoid many of these complications is keeping your blood sugar levels in a normal range. It's easier said than done though. Gestational Diabetes is progressive, meaning that it gets worse as the pregnancy progresses. Some women try their hardest, they eat all the right foods, complete the recommended amount of exercise, drink pints of water throughout the day and still their numbers creep up. For this reason, they end up on medication or insulin. I'm one of these women. I am now on insulin with my breakfast. It doesn't mean that I'm eating all the wrong foods, it just means that my body isn't able to tolerate any carbs that early in the day. 
There seems to be a lack of education when it comes to Gestational Diabetes. Not just with friends/family/random people in the street, but with medical professionals too. It is treated too much like Type 2 diabetes, which is completely different but a lot of Mum's get the same diet advice that they would give to a Type 2 Diabetic and then wonder why they can't keep their sugar levels down. I think pregnancy is such a confusing time as it is, without the added confusion of dealing with an illness where the guidelines and treatments vary so much from doctor to doctor, midwife to midwife & hospital to hospital. 

This is what I wished people knew about Diabetes during pregnancy. What do you wish people knew? 


My Favourite Posts - Blog-Tember Challenge

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Day Nineteen - A list of your favourite blog posts that you've written

I love posts like these. Once I start looking I find so many posts that I had completely forgotten I had written. After four years I have some that I am really proud of and others that make me cringe slightly but I won't delete them because they are all part of my journey and my blog.

Some of my favourites......

1 - Newbie
Off course I have to include the first post that I ever wrote here. Back in 2012 I took the plunge and moved from Live Journal to Blogger and haven't looked back :)

2 - How Do You Know When Enough is Enough?
Talking about how you know when your family is complete.

3 - Women Connect '12
I wrote this when we were trying for baby number two, after suffering from fertility problems before having James. What I didn't know was I was already pregnant with Emilie! I found out nine days after writing this post!

4 - Surviving the 1st Two Weeks with Gestational Diabetes
A very recent post that I wrote after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Even if only one woman reads this and finds it helpful then it was totally worth it.

5 - Curly To Straight Hair - My Top 6 Tips
I love writing posts where I feel like I'm giving something of value to my readers. I wish I had known these tips 18 months ago!


What Simplifies Your Life? - Blog-tember Challenge

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Day Eighteen - What one product simplifies your life? 

Technically I'm going to cheat and say three products but they are all part of the same range so I'm going to say it allowed! :) 

Okay, so it's a Monday morning. You wake up late. The kids are already screaming about how starving they are and how they must eat right-this-second. You have lunch boxes to make, you're trying to sort their clothes out whilst the pre-schooler thinks it's great fun to throw her breakfast all over the floor. You throw on the first outfit you can find, whilst silently chastising yourself for not taking your makeup off before you fell asleep. Then you look in the mirror and realise that you probably should have washed your hair the night before. No up-do is going to cover the mess that is you hair. 

Enter my life saving product... Batiste Dry Shampoo. 

... It covers a multitude of sins. 

I love pretty much the whole Batiste range. The dry shampoo comes in a variety of scents. I haven't tried them all but so far this floral one is my favourite. They also do one that is specifically for dark hair, which is great because no one wants a white powder residue completing their look. 

I'm also adding the Frizz Tamer and Heat & Shine Spray to my list from the same range. I use the Frizz tamer every morning whether my hair is up or down, curly or straight. It helps calm the frizz that my hair is prone too. The heat protector is one of the best I've tried so far and at only £4.49 you can't really go wrong. 

Three perfect products for those stressful mornings! 


Curly to Straight Hair - My Top 6 Tips.

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Today is day 17 of the Blog-tember Challenge and today's prompt is to record a vlog. I love watching vlogs. If I'm on YouTube chances are I will watch a few and I admire people that have the confidence to record them and put them out there, unfortunately I don't have that confidence yet. I still wanted to post today though so instead of a vlog I am going to share some of my best hair tips :) 


I have naturally curly hair. Everyone tells me that I should embrace it and that people pay a lot of money for hair like mine. During my school years though I was teased so much because of my curls that I find it hard to love them. A few times a year I will try to embrace my curls and I only ever last a few weeks at most before my hair straighteners come back out. Straight hair is just easier. I can wake up and go. When it's curly I have to wash it everyday and it takes a lot of upkeep. 

We all know that continuously straightening your hair can damage it so over the past 18 months or so I've been trying new things to try and keep it as healthy as possible. It's working though and yesterday my hair dresser told me that my hair is the best she's ever seen it. 

So what have I been doing? Read on.... 

Moisture Moisture Moisture 
Not only can naturally curly hair be very dry but when you use heat on it most days that just adds to the dryness. At least once every two weeks I will smother my hair in coconut oil and leave it on for a few hours before washing as normal. Coconut oil is fantastic for adding moisture back into your hair.

Choose the right Shampoo & Conditioner
Over the past year I have tried SO many brands of shampoo and conditioners. Some were just ok, some made my hair dry and brittle and others were amazing. The best by far was the Pureology range. It is pricey but definitely worth the money in my opinion. Try to choose one that is for dry/damaged hair. It will help add that elusive moisture back into your hair. 

Rinse in Cold Water
After washing your hair, it's a good idea to rinse it in cold water. This helps to close the cuticles and seal in the moisture from your conditioner. I've also noticed that by doing this it helps makes my hair less prone to frizz. Isn't frizz every curly girls worst nightmare?!

Heat Protector
No heat touches my hair now without me adding some heat protector beforehand. A year ago I was only adding the heat protector when it was wet before drying, thinking that it would carry on working whilst I then straightened my hair afterwards. Wrong! Once I've finished drying my hair I now section it off, ready for straightening. Each section then gets another spray of heat protector. The next day if I have to quickly go over it with my straighteners it gets more heat protector. It's called protector for a reason! 

Lower the Temperature
Purchase hair straighteners with a temperature dial. I loved my GHD's. Unfortunately, you can't adjust the heat on them, meaning that they are probably frying your hair. It's probably a blessing that my GHD's broke for the second time in one year a few weeks ago. I realised that I am just paying for the name. (At the time I was devastated!) I am now using straighteners that I can lower the heat setting on them and I've already noticed a difference. Yesterday I ordered a new pair of Corioliss C3's  after reading some great reviews on them and I'm excited to try them. There may be a review coming! 

Leave 3 Days Before Washing
I am prone to greasy hair. I can normally get two, very occasionally three days, before my hair looks a greasy mess. I try not to wash it again before 3 days though. Washing too often strips your hair of it's natural oils (which in turn will make it even more greasy) On the 3rd day I tend to just wear my hair up to try and get one more day. I think this has played a big part in my hair being healthy at the moment. When I wear it curly, I have to wash it everyday and that's definitely not good for it! 

Any other curly haired girls out there that prefer their straighteners to their curls?


De-Stress! - Blog-Tember Challenge.

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It is crazy how fast this month is going! To think that we are half way through the Blog-tember challenge already. I'm really enjoying meeting new people and finding some new blogs to follow :) 

Day Sixteen - How do you de-stress & take care of yourself?

I'm not very good at this! Since becoming a wife and Mum it's become second nature to put everything and everyone before myself. I think a lot of women struggle with this when they start raising families. The to-do list is never ending. There is always something that needs to be done. The dishes, the laundry, homework, the shopping, meals to prepare and kids that want to be entertained. By the end of the most days there isn't enough time or energy left in your tank for anything else. 

Since becoming pregnant I've tried to make a conscious effort to take some time to relax. It's always something simple but it helps none the less. Sometimes it's simply going to bed when the kids doing and watching a show on Netflix or YouTube. Sometimes it's a big bubble bath at the end of the day. When Emilie is at nursery, I try and do all my jobs first and then spend an hour chilling out whilst blogging or watching some daytime tv. Little things but they make a big difference. 

How do you de-stress and take care of yourself? Are you like me and have to force yourself!?


Blog-Tember Challenge - Mood Board!

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Day Fourteen - Create a mood board

I love a good mood board. I like having something to look at when I'm planning something or excited about a project. 

Today I wanted my mood board to reflect the upcoming season in our lives. Not only Autumn but also having a newborn again. I'm so excited for an Autumn baby! James was born in February but the weather became warm quite soon after he was born and Emilie arrived in the middle of a heatwave. Therefore I cannot wait for newborn snuggles with blankets and hot chocolates. Duvet days with movies and all 3 kids. Layers upon layers for the school run in the morning. Carving pumpkins with a baby in the Moby wrap. It's seems weird thinking about this now, especially as we are in the middle of a mini heat wave here in England. In four weeks though it's all change in our house! 

I adore autumn. I'm not a fan of winter but I love everything that comes with these next two seasons. Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas, early nights, slow mornings, blankets, lights and sometimes snow. What's not to love? 

What are you looking forward to?! 


Blog-tember Challenge - Let's Talk About Books

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Day 12 - Three books! One you've just read, one you're currently reading and one you want to read. 

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” 
― C.S. Lewis

I could talk (or write!) about books all day. I've always had a passion for reading. As a kid I never minded about being sent to my room as a punishment because that's where my books were. Until my Mum cottoned on and then instead banned me from my books as a punishment!

It's very unusual for me not to have a book or two on the go. These past few months though my reading habits have been very hit and miss. I'm either too busy preparing for baby or too tired. I have got a book at the moment that I've read numerous times that I keep dipping in and out off so that's my 'currently' book.. 

Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic

I finished reading this about 4 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I love the way that Elizabeth Gilbert writes. It's almost like she is sat in the room with you just chatting away. My favourite paragraph from this book - 

"Perfectionist often decide in advance that the end product is never going to be satisfactory, so they don't even bother trying to be creative in the first place." 

This just describes me down to a T. My creativity comes out in writing. However I'm so scared of it not being good enough that I sometimes step back and say "that's it. I give up." I've done it with my blog numerous times but I always come back. I guess thats why they call it as passion? 

Maureen Lee - The House By Princes Park

I couldn't tell you how many times I've read this book. It follows a family over four generations and if I don't have anything else to read I will always pick this up. It's my currently reading book. I don't think I'll ever tire of it :) 

Rhonda Byrne - The Power

I read the secret a few years ago and also watched the documentary. This is the next book in the series and then The Magic follows after. I'm a big believer in the whole power of positive thinking (although I'm not always good at applying it to daily life) and really enjoyed The Secret so I'm hoping this one is just as good. 

What's on your reading list? Have you read any of these? I'm always looking for new books to read so let me know your favourites! 

Blog-Tember Challenge - Sharing The Instagram Love!

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Day Ten - A round up of your favourite Instagrammers!

I love instagram! It's my favourite out of all the social media options. I love Twitter but it took me a while to get into. I use Pinterest but we have a love/hate relationship and Periscope? Well I don't even know what that is or how to use it, so hands down Instagram wins.  

I recently wrote a post and shared my favourite Mum's on Instagram but I like today's prompt because it's a round up of your Instagram favourites no matter what they do :) 

I've narrowed it down to 4 and trust me that was hard to do! 

1// Theruralroost 

Just Maggie's photos of the beautiful scenery around where she lives will draw you in. Let alone her cute kiddos! I've been following her for a few years now and every photo is simply stunning. 

2// Caseyleighwiegand

Just look at the screenshot below and you'll already know why I follow Casey. I know life isn't anywhere near perfect but her feed makes me feel like it is! She has just delivered their fourth baby and who doesn't love newborn photos? 

3// Samantha_show_

I worked with Samantha towards the end of last year and love her to pieces! She is such a down to earth person who has worked so hard to get where she is with her blog now. She is proof that if you put the hard work in it will all be worth it. If you're looking for help with you blogging game then I cannot recommend her mentorship program enough. 

4// Inthefrow

I had to include Victoria even though she doesn't need any promotion and I think everyone in the Instagram, blogging and Youtube world already knows who she is. Her feed (plus blog & videos) are all stunning. Do you know what I love the most? She replies to her "fans". She responds to blog & Youtube comments and engages with her followers

Are we friends on Instagram? Leave me your links below and I'll come and check your feed out :)  


Blog-Tember Challenge - DITL.

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Day ten - Take us through your day! 

I think I've only done a Day In Your Life post once before and that was the other year that I took part in this challenge. The kids have only been back at school for a week so we're still trying to find our groove after the summer and with all my hospital appointments now thrown in each day is different and I spend a lot of the time trying to figure out the logistics of getting to the hospital, sorting baby sitters and trying to keep up with the house in-between.. Generally though, it starting to look a lot like this.. 

6am-6.30am - Emilie wakes up anytime between 6-6.30am. I'm normally just starting to wake up and each morning I hear her say, "Good Morning James".. Poor James is normally still fast asleep and I'm sure he would sleep longer if his little sister did. The problem with only having two bedrooms! 

6.45am - We're all downstairs. Anthony gets ready to leave for work. I let the dog out and then make coffee, whilst making the kids breakfast. I test my fasting numbers and give myself my insulin injection whilst trying to find something that won't spike my numbers for breakfast. I eat my breakfast in about 5 minutes flat. Whilst the kids are eating I get dressed and do my make up. 

7.15am - It takes me reminding James at least four times to get dressed before he actually does it. Emilie tries to do it herself but most days I end up having to help her. I try and get them to do their hair, teeth, etc all at the same time. It doesn't tend to happen like that though. One will run in one direction whilst the other goes a different way and I'm stood there holding a tooth brush in each hand. 

7.40am - I make lunch boxes for James & Emilie, wash the breakfast dishes and vacuum the living room whilst the kids play. 

8.30am - We leave for the school run. I drop James off first and then Emilie. She use to cry at drop off but now she runs in happily and it's so lovely to see! 

9am - If I need to do shopping I go and do it now or if not I come home, spend some time cleaning, blogging, or just chilling out. I'll get some washing done. Anything that I find hard to do with kids around I get done now. 

11am - I try and eat before collecting Em from nursery. At the moment with my gestational diabetes I tend to eat one wholemeal wrap with ham, cheese & salad or a chicken & bacon salad. 

12 noon - On Monday Emilie does a full day at nursery but Wednesday through to Friday she finishes at midday. We walk home whilst she tells me all about her morning. She tends to like to chill out for a bit once we get home. She gave up her nap over the summer but she still needs some quiet time. 

2.45pm - We leave to go collect James. He comes out at 3.15pm and then it's a 15 minute walk back home. We do a lot of walking in our day! 

4pm - They're both starving by this time of the day so I tend to do an early dinner. I have the worlds pickiest eaters so it's not unheard of for me to have to cook 3 different meals. This time of the day is crazy. The kids are tired, hungry and bouncing off the walls. 

5-6pm - Homework, reading and bath times. It's a crazy hour. I tend to use this time to organise their clothes for the next day. I also do the dinner dishes and tidy up the kitchen. Anthony will normally get home around this time. The kids go mental when he walks in! 

7pm - Bedtime for the kiddos! We're very lucky in that they go to bed with minimal fuss. Emilie sometimes tries to push it by asking for another drink or saying she needs to use the toilet again but normally by 7.30pm she is fast asleep. James is anytime between 7-8pm. 

At the moment I am going to bed so early! Thank you 33 weeks of pregnancy :) I sometimes will watch a bit of Netflix before falling asleep or try to fit some blogging in. Pre-pregnancy I would stay up later but now I've just hit that wall where I need to go to sleep so early to be able to function properly the next day! 

And that's pretty much it. Obviously every day isn't like this and days with my hospital appointments are so manic I couldn't even begin to document it! 

What do your days look like? 


Blog-Tember Challenge - Where In The World.

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There is never a good time for your Wifi to go down but for it to be one week into the Blog-tember challenge is even worse! Thankfully it was down for less than a week and I had already pre-written some posts so I don't think I've missed too many.. I'm back with a vengeance now :) 

Day Nine - If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

This answer is so easy for me. It's been on my bucket list for as long as.. well, since I've had a bucket list basically. The one place I want to go. The one place where I know I will eventually go is New York! Even better if it's at Christmas time. 

We've all seen it in the movies. It's immortalised in shows such as Friends & Sex and the City. We feel like we know the City without ever stepping foot in it. 

Everything about it appeals to me. The people, the shops, the attractions, the hustle & bustle. I want to walk the streets, ride the subway, take a yellow "cab". I want to sit on Carrie Bradshaw's steps. I want to stop on every street and try all the coffee shops. 

One day.. 

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? 


Blog-Temper Challenge - What Brings You Joy?

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Day Seven - Five things that bring you joy

We are one week into the Blog-tember challenge already! Can you believe it? Today the prompt is to share five things that bring us joy. It's hard to narrow it down to just five things but here goes. 

1// My children

As cliche as it sounds my kids are my world. As a child whenever I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I always answered, "I want to be a Mum" I was maternal from the get-go and that never changed. After my miscarriages, before James came along, there were so many moments where I was afraid that I would never get to experience parenthood but it all worked out and now I have two beautiful little ones and another on the way. Sure they drive me batty most days but I wouldn't be without them. 

2// Sunshine!

Who doesn't love the sun? It is amazing the affect it has on my mood though. I'm a fan of autumn but winter just makes me miserable. The rain, the cold, the early nights. As soon as the sun makes an appearance in Spring I'm like a different girl. I'm motivated and raring to go :)

3// Writing

Putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard, I'm so happy when I'm able to write. It's the main reason I started this blog. I'm never going to be the best at it or make loads of money from it but it brings me joy and isn't that the important thing? If I go for too long without writing something then I get antsy. I'm the same with reading. Curling up with a good book is better than any night out. 

4// Newborn Cuddles

Aren't they the best? There is something so relaxing about snuggling with a baby. They are just bundles of pure innocence. Plus they don't answer you back like a three year old does ;)

5// Fresh flowers, cups of tea, rain storms (when you don't have to leave the house!) giggling children, cheesy rom-com movies, christmas time, picnics, days out, a clean house, those few seconds when you've put all the clean washing away and you're basket is empty, sleeping with the windows open, tucking your children in at night, rainbows, dance parties in the kitchen, a meal made from scratch, movie nights, takeaway pizzas, when little ones sleep past 7am...  


The Blog-tember Challenge - Playlist

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Day Six - Create a playlist. What are you listening to now?

It's not very often that there isn't music playing in some part of our house. Both Anthony & I have completely different tastes though. He's a heavy metal, screaming-not-singing fan and I love a little bit of everything.. Motown, 80's, pop.. You name the genre and I've probably got something on my phone that fits the bill. 

Some of my favourites right now? Lets go.. 

Rick Astley - Angels On My Side. 
I have his new album and it's constantly on repeat

One Direction - History.
I'm not a One Direction fan but James' class sang this at their leavers assembly in July so now it's on my phone :) 

Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling.
How catchy is this song??

Ed Sheehan - Thinking Out Loud
I love this whole album!

Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine.
See, I told you my music taste was all over the place.

What are you listening to at the moment? 

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