Pregnancy So Far.

I had planned to write this post yesterday and be all "Everything is great!" At my appointment yesterday though I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (more to come on that later!) so that put a stop to that one. Last night I did think about writing this but my head was spinning from all the information I had received from the consultant and also my hours of Google research.

I'm 28 weeks and 2 days and in the home stretch of the 3rd trimester! I'm feeling very pregnant now. I have to shower the kids rather than bath them because bending over without pain is a thing of the past. Rolling over in bed is a four stage process and I have to pee every 30 minutes. Just keeping it real :)

{12 week ultrasound}

Siblings - Up until yesterday everything had been going swimmingly. The baby looked great in all the ultrasounds and we found out at 16 weeks that it's a boy. James is ecstatic. He was rooting for a brother. Emilie is just happy it's a baby! Although she has since asked if the next one can be a girl. I have yet to break the news to her that this is the last one. A few times she has come to me with a towel under her top and informed me that she has a baby in her belly too. Tres cute :)

{16 weeks.. Gender ultrasound!}

Sleeping - I could sleep for England right now. I tend to fall asleep really easily around 10pm but I wake up in the middle of the night and it is hit and miss whether I can fall back to sleep or not. Many a night I have laid there scrolling through Twitter on my phone just for something to do. I get really tired around lunch time but yesterday I found out that I have low iron so that could be the cause of that. Hopefully the iron tablets will help!

Movements - Movements this time around have been all over the place. I expected to feel him move earlier than I did with James and Emile, but he ended up being the latest one to move at 20 weeks. Some days he moves quite a bit but more often than not I don't feel him until I get back into bed. I was getting really worried about it but the consultant confirmed yesterday that it's probably due to the diabetes and I'm hoping as we sort my sugar levels out then his movements will become more regular.

{20 weeks}

Eating - Up until now i've been eating like a horse! If it wasn't nailed down then I'd eat it. Certain foods such as pizza or chicken pie would give me horrendous heartburn but I was learning to enjoy food, after so many years of avoiding it. Over the last 24 hours I've had to completely change my eating habits and it's still so confusing. I'll update more about that along with the post I plan to write about the diagnosis.

Overall, so far though things are great. Apart from some SPD pain that flares up if I walk too far I haven't had that many complaints. My morning sickness went at 12 weeks this time, unlike the last two times where it's lingered for weeks and weeks after the first trimester.

It's definitely interesting doing this a third time around when you have two other little ones to run about after!

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