Gestational Diabetes.

What a four days it has been.

I've been seeing a consultant this pregnancy due to previous miscarriages and went to my routine appointment on Friday, expecting it to be just like normal. Blood pressure check, protein checks, a listen in to baby and his heartbeat. What I wasn't expecting was for the first words out of the doctors mouth to be, "So you have gestational diabetes." I had only taken the test the day before and didn't even expect the results to be in yet. Over the next 30 minutes I got hit with so much information. Things I had to do, appointments I had to attend, complications that could now arise with the baby either before delivery or after. I left there with an appointment to attend the Gestational Diabetes Clinic this coming Wednesday and my head spinning.

I'll be honest here. I knew literally next to nothing about diabetes before this. I knew you had to change your diet and cut out sugar. That's about it. How much have I learnt in the past few days! For the first 48 hours I was a hot mess. I spent so many hours on Google, I was desperately trying to figure out what I could eat and what I couldn't. I wasn't due to get a glucose monitor until my appointment on Wednesday but thankfully this morning the hospital managed to get me one so at least now I can test my sugars after each meal and start to learn what my body can tolerate and what it can't.

After the first 48 hours of me being a complete mess I found a Facebook page for UK Mum's suffering with this condition and it has been invaluable! Most of these women have been dealing with this for weeks/months now so they've gotten their head around the whole sugar levels and food aspect. I feel like I'm so far behind compared to them but I know that in a few weeks I'll be like them and not even having to think about what I'm eating, testing my levels will become second nature to me.

{First lunch post diagnosis - 
Wholemeal bread, scrambled egg and cheese}

Before Friday I was having reduced movements. Unbeknown to me, every time I was eating sugar or anything high in carbohydrates, it made the baby lethargic and sleepy. Since completely cutting out sugar, lowering my carb intake and increasing my protein he's woken up quite a bit and his movements have definitely increased. I also have increased amniotic fluid, another complication from the diabetes, which will have to be monitored but I am waiting for an appointment for a scan so fingers crossed all is ok.

{Breakfast - Alpro Simply Plain yoghurt, fruit & mixed nuts}

So yeah, it's been a crazy few days. I have my moments where I'm sad this has happened and I'm anxious about the next two months but then I have happy moments where I know that I can do this. I got very excited this afternoon when my levels after lunch were in the normal range.

This is going to be one big learning curve....

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