Reading... Lots of blog posts by some of my favourite women :)   
Playing... A new game on Facebook messenger. You basically have to get the basket ball into the hoop. So simple yet so addictive!  
Watching... Paw Patrol.. It's Emilie's favourite.  
Trying... Out coconut oil for my hair. I'm trying to leave it in as long as possible in the hopes of gorgeous tresses..  
Cooking... Burgers & fries. Not the healthiest option but it's actually Gestational Diabetes friendly.  
Eating... A lot of salad and foods that I don't particularly like. All in the name of baby boy.  
Drinking... My body weight in water. It's 30 degrees today. We're not use to weather like this in England!
Calling... I feel like I'm constantly on the phone to the doctors surgery or the diabetic nurses. They're going to so happy once I deliver the baby and can stop hassling them :)
Texting... My sister. 
Pinning... I've not pinned much lately but I've been on Pinterest everyday looking at different hair styles and colours. I love the whole Grey/silver look at the moment. 
Tweeting... Lots of random tweets by yours truly. My twitter handle is @liane_bayliss.. A shameless plug there. 
Going... Thankfully today I had no medical appointments! I have one tomorrow and then two on Thursday. The hospital will be charging me rent soon. 
Loving... The sunny weather. Afternoon's spent in the garden. 
Hating... How much James and Emilie have been arguing lately. Now Emilie is getting older they definitely clash more and I find myself mediating a lot more than I ever thought I'd have too. 
Feeling... A little worked up today. This morning was so nice spent in the garden with a little sand and water play but my two have been bouncing off the walls this afternoon and tempers have been higher than normal. I'm looking forward to bedtime. 
Hoping (for)... Good appointments the next few days. A quiet week next week. 
Listening (to)... Ed Sheeran.. I go for ages forgetting that I have his album and then re-discover how good it is. 
Celebrating... Surviving today! 
Smelling... All those lovely summer smells. The smell of a BBQ is definitely my favourite though
Starting... To write my posts for the Blog-tember Challenge.  
Finishing... The day tired, achy but hoping tomorrow is better! 

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