31 Things In 31 Years.

Today I turned 31. In my head I am still sure that I'm 18 but my Mum firmly assures me that isn't the case anymore. At 18 I thought I knew it all and no one could tell me otherwise. Nowadays I know that I don't know it all. I never will but here are 31 things that I have learnt in my 31 years.

1// Sometimes the sunrise is prettier than the sunset.

2// Some situations call for you to eat the whole pack of cookies. Even if it is before 9am.

3// Kids are completely washable. Let them play in the mud.

4// Puddles are for splashing in.

5// Your mother was right all those times when you were a teenager.

6// Love at first sight does exist. Giving birth to a baby proves this.

7// A cup of tea is the solution to many problems.

8// The world really is a small place.

9// Never judge a book by it's cover.

10// If you look at the world through your kids eyes, you really will find magic.

11// Don't read the last page of a book before you actually get to the end. It ruins the story. I speak from experience.

12// Sometimes the unexpected days out are better than ones that have been planned for weeks.

13// No matter how many time you drop a slice of toast, it will always land butter side down.

14// Don't just leave your photos sat on your phone. Take the time to get them printed. It's worth it.

15// Inspite of your best efforts, you will never be able to please everyone.

16// The older you get the quicker the years pass.

17// Those sweets you loved as a child, won't taste the same now.

18// The same goes for movies that you loved.

19// You will always forget something off your list.

20// Cereal for dinner is a perfectly acceptable meal.

21// Do what you love. Even if you don't think you are good at it. Write, draw, paint, waterski. Whatever makes you excited.

22// A baby laughing should be considered medicine.

23// Have a snowball fight. Make snow angels. Slide down the hills until your clothes are soaked through.

24// A bedtime routine will save your sanity during the parenting years.

25// Dancing in the kitchen with the kids is totally a form of exercise.

26// In 20 years our children will listen to the music we are listening to today and wonder if we had lost our minds. We done it to our parents. It's the circle of life.

27// You can never take too many photos.

28// Cooked spaghetti will always stick to the wall.

29// There will always be something you don't like about yourself. Your hair. Your nose. Your legs. Focus on what you do like. Accentuate those.

30// Have good role models, no matter how old you are.

31// Life is made up of lots of memories. Small ones, big ones and ones we don't even think are important at the time. Here's to another 31 years of making memories!

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